Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bama Reax-Season to Forget

I hope that's not a contract extension.

2010 was a season we'll never forget as Auburn fans. 2011 will go down as a season we wish we could forget. 5 losses, none of them close. 2 losses we blew a 14 point lead. Blown out, embarrassed by arch rivals.

Most of us can stomach 7-5. If the losses were close. Now we look for answers.

To me, it has to start with Ted Roof. Rob and I both have advocated for a new direction on defense. In 2009 we blamed lack of depth. Nick Fairley covered up a whole lot of problems last year. This year we used inexperience early. But this unit got worse. No improvement, just regression.Those of us who grew up with Hall, Oliver, Chizik, Muschamp know That defense at AU is a cornerstone. Under Ted Roof, it has been an afterthought.

Offensively, I am just as disappointed. I wondered aloud in the summer about why exactly we were interested in Russell Wilson. I think now we know the answer. It's easy to be an offensive genius when Cam Newton is your signal caller. It's also a much simpler job when you have an experienced offensive line. When you have neither, you get 2011. As in 14 vs Arkansas, 10 vs LSU, 7 vs UGA and 14 (none on offense) vs Alabama. We are rudderless without a decent signal caller. Trotter and Moseley at this point are not even close to being SEC caliber quarterbacks. Frazier may develop into a good one, but at this point he resembles another sought after high school quarterback from Arkansas. That guy wound up having a pretty good career at receiver for the Tigers.

I expected and expect better from Auburn. Two top 5 recruiting classes and a third on the way say so. We must continue to improve. 2011 is a cast away season.

I too see a bright future on the plains. There is too much talent there for me to think otherwise. We'll see some changes in the off season. In all likelihood Guz will be headed for a head coaching job. If and when that happens, do we stick with the same type system or go more in a pro-style direction?

And like a 40 year old house, it's time to replace the roof. It's leaking, and it will eventually destroy the house.

I love Auburn and nothing will ever change that. I still believe in Chizik. I think he has been a great get for our school. I am with him. He needs us as fans to support him, as do the players. I'm still all in. I know you are too.

War Eagle...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alabama Review (AU 14 UA 42)

How do you analyze a thrashing of epic proportion in a rivalry deserving far more than we witnessed Saturday on Pat Dye Field? As I watched, I was astounded by the vast expanse separating both teams as well as the voluminous disparity wedged between this years Auburn team and last. I knew this years Tigers would take a step backwards from last seasons unparalleled success. I did not expect a giant leap in reverse. The gap created between our Auburn Tigers and the preeminent teams in the SEC in one short year is larger than I thought it would be and Coach Chizik and staff have a major challenge ahead to close the chasm by next season.

I thought defensively we did about as good as we could expect against the run in the first half. We sold out to stop it and in doing so allowed AJ McCarron to have a career day. Chalk AJ up as yet another suspect QB playing the game of his life against the Auburn defense this season...which begs the question...are we that unlucky defensively to run into these offenses at their peak? Is it our defensive philosophy/gameplan? Or is it the players attempting to carry out that gameplan? This is the question Coach Chizik must address immediately to begin Auburn's ascension to the top of college football once again.

I cannot explain why we neglected to cover the Alabama's TE? I can only assume a linebacker totally blew his assignment. I promise this...no matter what defense was called from the sideline, it doesn't involve ignoring the TE. Alabama did a fantastic job of softening up the Auburn defense with easy passes early in the football game working towards running it down our throats as the game progressed. Having played on teams at Auburn with pathetically anemic offense at times, I can tell you first hand as the game progresses and you see your offense is not going to have any semblance of success, it makes you think twice about continually sacrificing your body to bring down a stud like Trent Richardson. It's an extremely difficult position to be in as a defender.

Auburn now must turn its attention to the future. Having this time to practice during bowl preparation is enormously important for this young football team. I promise you the Tennessee's of the world are at an immense disadvantage for being off till spring football, and Auburn has to get better, and grow up during this extra practice time. Second, Coach Chizik must address the coaching situation. I still believe he should take the reigns as coordinator for the bowl game and either bring in a new coordinator for next season or just do it himself. I have been tough on Coach Roof as of late, but truth is it's not all his fault. To expect 18 and 19 year olds to physically whip the best players in college football is not logical and was destined to fail. His body of work however has not lived up to Auburn defensive standards...not even close.

In 1998 we finished the season 3-8. We were pretty good defensively, downright terrible offensively. If you had asked me then, I would have told you no one in the country outworked us and that our offensive staff fit our personnel just fine. In reality, I couldn't have been any farther from the truth! When Coach Tuberville and staff (particularly Kevin Yoxall) arrived we were introduced (quite brutally) to a brand new realm of work we had never known. The point...every player, fan base, any most of the time coach believes their program is doing everything the right way, with the right people, with the right philosophical approach. In reality, if you're not constantly reevaluating your program, your coaches, your personnel, and everything in between, then you run the risk of falling behind. Programs catch on and catch up in hurry. Auburn can right the ship just as fast as it veered off course. To do so will require some very tough decisions be made.

I still wake up the day after an Iron Bowl loss thankful I'm on the Auburn side of the rivalry. I know many fantastic Alabama people that love their university every bit as passionately as I do Auburn...as they should. But love of Alabama is easy love, cheap love, lazy love. The enormity of their sidewalk alumni proves this point. To love Auburn, you must first experience Auburn...and once you do it's in your blood forever. Sometimes, the Auburn football program breaks our hearts making love a difficult exercise. But, the stronger the winds blow, the fiercer the attacks, the more persistent the ridicule...the more solid we become, the sweeter the ride is to the top, the more united we all are! As goes the old proverb, "Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind...the stronger the trees!"

Auburn will be back in the short-term. I believe Coach Chizik will take the necessary steps to resolve what ails us. Let's support Coach Chizik, his staff, and the players that are left to endure the steps taken to create change. War Eagle!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dr.Z''s Iron Bowl advice-Wreck it.

So sorry I didn't get this out sooner, but my game day is live from Folly Beach SC. Lots of family stuff to do today so I'll get right to it.

Nobody gives you a shot to win today Auburn. You are a 20+ point dog at a place where you haven't lost since 2009.

They say your offense is a shell of its former self. You have a defense that only looks decent when the offense downshifts to Mal Moore speed.

You have been pretty decent this season, say the experts. 7-5 is a great year for a team that lost so much from a 2010 National Championship. But you know better.

Now walks in Alabama, with their world gift wrapped for them. Sure, they could have taken care of business in there own house a couple weeks ago, but they choked it away against LSU. Since then we've had to endure whining about kickers, and rampant speculation about how they could backdoor their way into a rematch for the national title.

All that pretty much happened by the way. Every star aligned for Bama. Beat you tomorrow Auburn, and they get their wish.

So here is my advice to you, Orange and Blue: Wreck it.

For all of us who have to listen to the noise from the other side of spoiled, entitled Bammers. For the fans who adore you and live and die with you. Those of us who choose you because we believe that to be successful requires work...hard work. We cherish every win, every championship.

The other fan base? Not so much. They believe that every Championship is theirs. So much so that they claim ones that aren't. So much so that if you win it, they poison your oaks.

So no prediction today. I'm not going to break down offense v. defense. Just a request:

Wreck it. Everything has gone right for the entitled, tree-poisoning Nation. It's time they are reminded who the defending national Champion is. Or who holds a winning record in the series since Bryant died.

We all need reminding sometimes.

Wreck it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Alabama Preview

You have to wonder if the football gods have declared Alabama 2011 National Champions already. How else can you explain the epic meltdowns of Oklahoma State (losing to Iowa St!), Stanford (losing to Oregon), Oregon (losing to USC), Oklahoma (losing to Baylor!)? No other team in college football could possibly be so lucky as to be rewarded for losing your division?! I'm sure the folks in Baton Rouge are scratching their heads over the way things have played out in Alabama's favor. It's inexplicable.

My immediate thought when the dominoes fell in favor of the Tide was the 2004 Auburn Tigers. Here we have a team capable of running the SEC gauntlet unscathed yet watch the National Title game on TV instead of as worthy participants. Can you imagine Alabama or LSU or Florida going 13-0 and left out of the championship game? Somewhere Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, Tommy Tuberville, Cadillac Williams, Carlos Rogers, and the rest of the 2004 Tigers are shaking their heads to see Alabama sitting in its current position. I know I am.

Which brings us to the 76th edition of the Iron Bowl. A game in which the Auburn Tigers can single-handedly crush the preconceived notion of Alabama playing for a national title. In a college football landscape as utterly chaotic as the one we're currently living through, it seems almost prophetic for Auburn to pull the shocker. It's been a long time (2002) since a heavy underdog has won this game. Auburn enters the largest underdog perhaps in the history of the rivalry. Perhaps the stars are aligning.

Auburn must do two things to win this football game. First, they have to sell out to stop the run and eliminate dying a slow death by allowing the Alabama running game to impose its will. The game must be put into the hands of A.J. McCarron. If Alabama can beat you through the air, you tip your hat and congratulate them on their first victory of the season in which the QB had a role. If Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy pound you into submission, that's unacceptable for allowing Alabama to be successful offensively the only way they know how. Second, the Auburn offensive line must protect the QB. Alabama's defense is as talented a group I've seen in college football at all levels. Coach Malzahn and Grimes have their hands full controlling the line of scrimmage. I'll be interested to see how we choose to attack Alabama's defense and what type of success we have against the statistical leader in virtually every NCAA statistic.

This is the one week every year I miss playing for the Auburn Tigers. People constantly ask if I miss not playing and I always answer, "No, I don't miss doing the things it took to compete at that level!" That being said, when I see the Auburn orange and blue come together with the Alabama crimson and white I must admit my desire to suit up and play one more time against a bitter rival eats away at my inner being. I am jealous of the young men capable of participating in a game and rivalry second to none, yet humbled and thankful for the opportunity I had to take part in the fiercest rivalry, most intense atmosphere college football has to offer. Neither fan base will admit it, but we need each other to be great. This game carries much less significance if Alabama and/or Auburn aren't national heavyweights competing for championships on a consistent basis.

I have just as much fun provoking Alabama fans as the next Auburn fan. At the same time, I do respect the success of their program and the many great players who've worn the crimson jersey. Participating along side many of them prior to this season kicking off in the Rivals Unite for Recovery charity event following the devastating Tuscaloosa tornadoes put the rivalry into proper prospective for me (I hope you'll take the time to read the link).

This game deserves nothing less than everything you've got. This Auburn team has yet to play a complete game all season. The defense has struggled to slow down most offenses. The Auburn offense has been sporadic at best. The only thing making me believe Auburn has a chance is sheer pride and emotion. The realization of the enormous opportunity we have to play spoiler to Alabama backing itself into a BCS championship game appearance. What a win this would be for the Auburn faithful! It will take an effort beyond anything we've seen this team produce, but in my heart of hearts, I know this game is capable of producing just that sort of desire! Come on into Jordan-Hare Stadium and let's trade punches! You may win...but you'll have to kill me first!


And I leave you with my greatest Iron Bowl memory from my playing days...WAR EAGLE!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Samford Reax-Yaaawwwnnn.

The name? Because it most assuredly wasn't.

Sorry no preview from Friday. Unlike my esteemed colleague, I blew off work to get my new boat in the water. It took all day. I happened to like the boat so much I spent Saturday on it doing some touch ups and listening to the game on the radio.

I won't lie. The first half made me want to climb the mast and jump off. But Auburn eventually wore down the scrappy Bulldogs, much in part due to Michael Dyer's 30+ carries, because it's a good idea to get your star running back 30+ carries the week before you play the best defense in the country.

Our big uglies have some work to do if we are to stay in the game with Alabama. I haven't seen much improvement over the course of the season in the offensive or defensive lines. I think that has been the most dissapointing thing to me for 2011, we just haven't gotten better.

So we all know what this week is. We have the talent to give Bama all they want. The question is-will we? More to come later this week.

Until then, may the wind always be at your back and may the seas rise to meet you.

Samford Review (AU 35 Samford 16)

My apologies for no Samford preview. Obamacare has me implementing a new EHR (electronic health record)in my office that benefits no one...except the EHR software development companies bottom lines. It has me working more hours, documentation is worse, wait time is increased, and I spend more time looking at my computer than at patient's eye balls. It's a classic case of governmental red tape reducing the quality of health care in this country...but I digress!

Samford. Unbelievable. I took my family and thought for a long while I brought them to the worst upset in the history of Auburn football. Samford came unimpressed nor intimidated by the surroundings and played inspired football. Auburn came uninspired nor excited about the opportunity to sharpen its play prior to the most important game on the schedule...this weeks Iron Bowl. As a former player, I fully understand the mindset. It's virtually impossible to be emotionally charged against a team you know nothing about. As fans, we shouldn't blame the players one bit. If you were in Jordan-Hare Stadium Saturday, you are well aware it was as serene and peaceful a stadium as I've ever seen. Auburn tennis matches are louder. It was louder Sunday morning during my church's worship and praise. So don't get on players for not being emotionally charged when we all know none of us did anything to create an atmosphere to spark enthusiasm!

That being said, we continue to struggle mightily in the trenches. Our defensive front was stalemated at the point of attack allowing Samford to rush the football with far too much success. The Samford QB was never sacked on 33 passing attempts. Running lanes were enormous from the upper deck...section 107...row 24 (no...I don't get free tickets...people ask that all the time. I scalped four 1/2 an hour before kickoff for $130 and had three given to me by a friend). Offensively, the turnovers were silly. Coach Malzahn was as upset as I've ever seen after the McCalebb fumble. Even the mild mannered Malzahn had seen enough to cause a Saban-esque explosion.

I do continue to be impressed with true freshman DB Jermaine Whitehead. His instincts, awareness, football IQ, and playmaking abilities will elevate him to another level on this defense for years to come. He has a chance to be a special talent. Erique Florence is another young DB with all the potential in the world. I was also happy to see Trovon Reed become involved this week with several catches and elusive runs. Clint Moseley can be a weapon if given time. Auburn will face its most difficult challenge all year keeping Clint upright this weekend against Alabama.

Again...I don't look at the game against Samford with excitement nor discontent. They did enough to win, stayed relatively healthy, and honored one of Auburn's greatest treasures in Samford head coach Pat Sullivan along the way. If I had any negative feelings about the game walking down the ramp from the nose-bleed section with my kids, they were put into proper perspective by the Samford band as it played "It is Well With My Soul"...a far cry from the post game jeer we'll hear Saturday immediately following the contest by either winner (although I DO LOVE the Auburn version of Rammer Jammer!! In fact I lost my voice for a full week provoking the Tide fans after the comeback win last year in their/our house!).

Let's support our team, our program, our university this week and every week thereafter knowing how lucky we are to be Auburn Tigers! Be thankful this thanksgiving season for the many blessings God has graciously bestowed upon you with the firm understanding things could always be worse. Your fan bases' living legend could be named Harvey Updike! IT's ALWAYS GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dr. Z's UGA Roadkill Review

Run over on the road

I've been dreading this review ever since Saturday. Forgive my tardiness. Call it shock or PTSD, but it took me a while to figure out what to say here. So let me try...

We stunk Saturday. How's that?

I've watched quite a few AU stinkers over the years, mostly with one Thomas H. Tuberville at the helm. But I have never seen an egg laid as horribly as the one I saw Saturday.

I can't even fathom what went wrong? Are we that bad? Is UGA all of a sudden the Green Bay Packers? We have a long way to go, for sure, but I expected more out of this group of talented young players. I expected them to compete.

Now the Auburn fam is faced with a whole new set of questions. Is this the new norm for our Tigers? Did Newton and Fairley mask a whole host of problems lying under the surface? Who will our quarterback be in 2012? Did our better than expected October give us false hope about a young team just trying to find an identity?

As for the answers to all these questions pointing us in a crooked line*, I have none. It's been a frustrating year. We all kind of knew it would be, and hopefully, it will make us hungrier in 2012.

And I don't care how many we lose, or how bad we lose them, it's great to be an Auburn Tiger.

*I admit it. Thanks to my wife, I have become an Indigo Girls fan. Tear up my man card if you must.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Georgia Review (AU 7 UGA 45)

Ball Game!

What an embarrassing display...an utter disrespect to a storied traditional rivalry. The South's oldest rivalry became the nation's most lopsided affair. Sure, other teams may have lost by a larger margin on the scoreboard Saturday, but no team was dismantled as severely as our Auburn Tigers. It was sickening to endure and can only imagine how frustrating it was for those of you whom traveled to Sanford Stadium. I was glad I didn't drive 30 minutes across town to watch the game with Dr. Z, never mind making the trip to Athens. If I had gone, I'd write to Jay Jacobs and demand a refund for the price of admission. If I had shown up, I'd expect the team I came to support return the favor.

In my time at Auburn I played in some games we were completely overmatched in. Florida had our number in 2000 scoring on its first 5 possessions. Arkansas crushed us in 1999 in Fayetteville. Virginia dominated us in 1998 to open the season. I'm sure there were many more games that left a bitter taste in your mouths over the course of my playing career...maybe even the way I played. But I never walked off of a football field between 1997 and 2000 and felt myself or my teammates cheated Auburn by cashing in and not competing for four quarters. I wonder if this group can look in the mirror and say the same? Quoting Emory Blake after the loss..."I think a couple of guys shut it down...we need to keep believing..." That's what's unacceptable. I can live with getting beat by superior talent. I can live getting completely run out of the stadium if I think everyone gave maximum effort. I can't live with guys that "shut it down." It disrespects you...it disrespects me...it disrespects the player...his family...his teammates...his coaches...and everyone associated with Auburn University.

I scratch my head and sit baffled at the way we go about running our offense? If we can't protect the QB in the pocket, then why don't we move the pocket? Can we not throw on the run? If we think Trovon Reed is a special talent and one of our premiere playmakers (in practice) why can't we get him the football? I guess my frustration stems from repeatedly doing the same things yet expecting different results. Isn't that the very definition of insanity? At this point, why not go to the I formation and pound Dyer behind a lead fullback (Ladarious Phillips perhaps) with two TE's and play action pass? The former player in me knows it's not feasible to revamp an offense and make an unconventional offense conventional overnight, however the fan in me says show me you're willing to try something different.

Many fans message me during and after this (and multiple other) games stating Roof should go (I'll address that next), but nary a word about the disaster we see offensively against teams with a heartbeat defensively. This offense has been anemic at best against the best competition without a human highlight reel running the show in Cam Newton. We need to either find a Cam Newton clone or find a little more willingness to adapt a game plan to what we do well.

And the defense. It was a crime scene...take your pick as what you want to call the offence the Georgia offense committed on the Auburn defense. Battery? Assault? Mayhem? Theft? What they did was steal Auburn's desire to compete and pretty much had their way with our defense. The sentence...a defensive coaching shake-up is in order.

I've been a supporter of Coach Roof...not so much because of what his defenses have done on the field, but more so because of who he was trying to accomplish it with. He doesn't have the luxury of studs on defense. He did last season in Nick Fairley, the most dominant defensive lineman I've ever seen. Yet we still played most games from behind. Every game we play against a legitimate offense turns into no contest. I could live with a deficiency here or there. I can't live with complete annihilation both on the ground and through the air. And compound that with poor fundamentals? It's time for a change (and I don't make that statement lightly...as a former player who endured a coaching change myself, I know firsthand the difficulties created). And the change may not involve the dismissal of Coach Roof. Perhaps he's a stellar linebackers coach, a terrific recruiter...if so, keep him on staff but remove his DC title. Coach Chizik should take the reigns. Never understood why many head coaches double as the offensive coordinator, but no head coach ever remains the defensive coordinator anyway?

I know I sound frustrated and sarcastic. My intention is never to be a pot stirrer or anything less than a fine representative of Auburn University. I am also aware that things are never really as bad as they seem nor as good as they seem. I've tried to maintain a realistic optimism regarding this season and fully expected a decline from last year...who didn't. Not many understand the difficulty in winning on the road against the top 10 talent we've fallen to this season as much as a former player in this league does. I didn't expect to beat Georgia. If you read my blog you'll see I picked us to lose...just as I did against LSU and Arkansas. But back to back road games of being completely noncompetitive has ME reeling. And I really don't live and die by Auburn football. I can't even imagine how those that do feel! So I feel like my views represent the majority of Auburn fans? Maybe I'm wrong? Let me know on air Tuesday night on EYES ON AUBURN...6-8 PM across the state of Alabama via the War Damn Radio Network.

War Eagle!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dr. Z's Georgia Crybaby Preview

After the 2010 version of the South's oldest rivalry, we spent 2 weeks listening to our neighbors from the east cry about their loss to Auburn:

"Nick Fairly's dirty. He tackles too hard."

"Cam Newton's should have never played in the game."

"Michael Dyer Runs too fast."

They even have several youtube vids giving a digital face to their whining:

The armchair psychologist might call this projection. Perhaps they are so unhappy with their own sad program that they must try to point out the things they dislike most in others. I might feel the same way if my team was in a horse race in the SEC Least division. When you are duking it out with the Gamecocks minus Lattimore for a spot to get eviscerated by LSU you might project in the same way.

In any case I'm done with the UGA fans and their whiny mediocre team. If you swap the schedules of AU and UGA you know what, UGA would be 5-4 right now, and Auburn would be 8-1.

And Georgia is a 13 point favorite in this game. That line looks pretty out of whack to me.

The key to this game for Auburn is to stack the box and stop the run. The dogs have no superstar receivers. Play press man and see what happens.

On offense, we cannot be afraid to let Clint Moseley throw the ball. I'm hoping we see more first down throws this week. I expect Mr. Blake to be amazing Saturday.

Here's another game where special teams might win Auburn another game, or lose Georgia another game. UGA's near the bottom in the country on kickoff coverage, net yards per punt, and kicker Blair Walsh has been so bad he's been known to toss his helmet in the garbage can after one of his 10 missed field goals this year.

First team to thirty wins it...

Auburn 31
Crybabies 27

Oh, and if you really want to experience sheer bliss, check out this clip from Rob's Jr year at AU and my first semester at Optometry School....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Georgia Preview

Huge game Saturday night in Athens for both programs. For Georgia, they control their own destiny with regards to an SEC title shot. Beat Auburn and Georgia all but assures itself a trip to Atlanta with lowly Kentucky remaining on the schedule. Georgia is also looking for validation as they've yet to beat an SEC team with a winning conference record (unbelievably will have only played two all season--South Carolina and Auburn...and if UGA and Bama beat Auburn, UGA will have only played one team with a winning conference record). Auburn on the other hand is still looking to play its first complete game of the season. They came very close in their last outing against Ole Miss with the exception of poor run defense in the first half. A win over Georgia does wonders for bowl slotting and essentially gaurantees this Auburn team exceeds the expectations of even the most unrealistic Auburn fans.

There are some match-ups in this one I don't like...

1. Georgia's offensive line vs Auburn's defensive line. Georgia has the biggest OL in the country...larger than every NFL offensive line! Girth doesn't necessarily translate into dominate offensive line play, but a group that enormous leaning all day against a defensive line as young and thin as ours is not a match-up favoring the Tigers.

2. Georgia's defensive line vs Auburn's offensive line. I don't think this match-up becomes an issue unless Auburn struggles to run the football. If Georgia makes us predictable and forces obvious passing situations, their 3-4 defensive scheme and edge rushers will have a field day. To prevent this we must be incredibly balanced, break tendencies, give Clint Moseley some easy throws to build upon, and get Onterio McCalebb into the mix by forcing the Georgia defense to defend the run game from sideline to sideline.

3. Aaron Murray. The Georgia QB may be the best the we've seen this year. He will complete some passes and have success. We just have to make him earn everything he gets and make him pay when he makes the slightest mistake. We can't afford to allow Georgia to jump out in front several scores early. We just aren't built to play from behind.

In Auburn's favor...

1. No team seemingly does less with more than the Georgia Bulldogs. This Georgia team is really not very good if you've seen them play this year. They play to their opponents level. Their wins against some terrible teams have required far too much fight down to the wire. I have never seen an easier path to an SEC championship game than the one the Georgia Bulldogs are currently on. Mark Richt may have been on the hot seat but when the combined conference wins of all the SEC teams you've beaten to date is 5-24, the hot seat cools off in a hurry! Georgia most definitely caught a break from the scheduling gods.

2. Georgia hasn't played a team as capable as Auburn since it's first game against Boise. No, I'm not comparing Auburn to Boise. But the speed Auburn will play with will seem remarkably different to UGA. Contrast that to Auburn, who's seen LSU in Death Valley...all games from here on out are in slow motion.

3. The two-headed attack of Dyer and McCalebb. Something makes me believe Onterio goes off in this game. Georgia has always been the type team with terrific talent that plays terrifically undisciplined. Onterio McCalebb is the guy that will break a defense's back when assignments are missed.

4. When was the last time Emory Blake and Trovon Reed lined up at WR at the same time this year? Clemson? Emory is a playmaker...this we know. Trovon? He needs to play the game of his life in an Auburn uniform this week. Become the playmaker we've been waiting for!

I still feel like it's an uphill battle anytime you're playing a QB as inexperienced as Clint Moseley. The game plan must unfold perfectly and Auburn's defense will need to give our offense plenty of opportunities. The diffence in my mind is what takes place in the trenches. Georgia's line is superior to Auburn's at this point. Because of that I feel like Georgia has the edge. Prove me wrong Tigers!