Monday, June 7, 2010

Creede saves the day

I dub thee "Homer" Simpson.

I have a toddler and an infant son. I woke them both last night screaming in my den, at my desktop computer of all things. Auburn 11 Clemson 10 was one of the most exciting moments I've witnessed as an Auburn fan of any sport. Check out the video if you haven't seen it.

We were done. 2 easy outs by Clemson's Tomas Cruz in the 9th. I was almost ready to turn it off, but Cruz had been just wild enough to give us a pulse. A two-out walk to Justin Bryant (the most common phrase uttered by pitching coaches everywhere: two out walks will kill you everytime), then a two strike seeing eye bloop by Justin Fredajas.

Enter Creede Simpson, who never would have been there had Trent Mummy not tweaked his quad. When he got down 1-2, I was just hoping for another bloop single or for Cruz to make a mistake.

Then Cruz made a mistake. "Just wild enough" to give us a pulse indeed, because another thing pitching coaches like to point out is wild in the strike zone is way worse sometimes than wild outside the strike zone. Cruz was wild in the zone with lousy 2 strike pitches. The 1-2 pitch Creede "Homer" Simpson destroyed what looked like a cut fastball that a former teammate of mine would call "luke warm, pecker high". In other words, a mistake pitch in the strike zone and Creede parked it. Simply Beautiful.

Hats off to this team that never quits. Hats off to Coach P for getting all out of this team. Let's catch lightening in a bottle once more guys, what'dya say?