Sunday, October 2, 2011

Zack and Rob's Texts from the Carolina game

Rob and I often text during the games. Here's the complete conversation:


Rob: Lattimore made Holland look like a fool

Z: Yep, but at least he fumbled.

Z: (After Reverse INT) Sometimes I hate Malzahn

Rob: Feed dyer

Z: I think Frazier needs to play.

Rob: Never seen him throw so don't know

Z/Rob: (After the first AU touchdown,simultaneous texts) We scored 3 times there/We just scored 3x

Z: After Garcia INT #1)U mad brah?--Garcia

R: WR screwed him

R: Offense killing us..

Z: Malzahn's playcalling lousy.

Rob: Typical SC outing...playing to opponents level

Rob: With field position and turnovers...we should have 30 points

Z: Yep, and the d is playing lights out so far. 1 big play and that's it.

Rob: App St vs Wofford on 68

Z:Thanks I'll pass that along to the Mrs. Sure she'll be enthralled.

Z: 1st half thoughts: o-line getting handled. Fake FG probably a bad idea, need more play action, hope Garcia has a couple more high gravity beers at the break.

Rob:OL only getting handled in obvious passing situations. Gotta let Frazier throw it. We let Uzomah and White but not our backup QB. Our DL playing great

Rob: We're seeing Chiziks influence on playcalling

Z:Yeah, Chiz should influence the line to block #6


Rob: We throw nothing downfield

Z: No time

Rob: Time to pull Trotter While its within reach.

Z: Agree

Rob: Gotta have td

Z: Trotter killing us.

Rob: I think that was only pass the whole drive

Rob: If trotter starts this drive Frazier must throw like Kodi burns

Z: While Trotter throws like C. Montgomery Burns.

Rob: 9 of 20. 82 yards. 2 INT

Z: Bray fair catches with nobody w/in 20 yards!

Z: Iron bowl play. Lutzen-clutchen!!!!

Rob: Touchback???

Z: Winner winner chicken dinner!

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