Monday, October 10, 2011

Arkansas Reax: Hog-tied

Cam's the hottest rookie qb since Peyton Manning. I'd ask you about your precious Matt Jones, except I already know he's up for parole in 18 months.

For a second, however brief, I thought we'd just run all over Arkansas. I've been wrong once or twice.

Is anyone else surprised at the butt-hurt the Arky fans have towards AU right now? I mean, they booed Dyer the entire game, but can anyone blame this guy for getting out of Arkansas? Pretty good move, I'd say.

The passing game is non-existent at this point and at this point we're reduced to some bastardized version of a Pat Dye offense from 1984. Barrett Trotter looks like he has lost all confidence since the Clemson game. He reminds me of a pitcher who can't find the strike zone. He's not missing by much, but just enough to make catches, especially with the group of receivers we have right now, impossible.

Keihl Frazier is a nice change of pace, but this in and out stuff every other down gives me fits. How can we establish any rhythm this way?

Defensively, I thought we looked much better, as strange as that is to say after giving up 38 points. They faced a short field much of the night, and other than one long touchdown run, they held their own with the SEC's best offense in the second half.

The question now is: Can we put it all together? Trotter looked great early,but Rob's right, we are not instilling any confidence by asking him to make difficult plays behind the sticks. We should play action more and throw more on 1st down.

I see a silver lining here. Once Emory Blake gets back we get a pretty big boost. Florida is banged up and to be honest, we should line up and beat them. LSU looks like a monster, but do Ole Miss and UGA scare anybody?

We still have a good chance to have a very good season, but some offensive coaching will help with that. Gustav has to do a better job of coaching up the QB's for that to happen. I think he will. Remember, he has a pretty good track record of doing more with less. Let's hope this year is no exception.

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