Friday, October 28, 2011

Dr. Z's Rebel Black Bear(?) Preview

Wait, that's not a ridiculous-enough picture of Houston Nutt...

That's better

It's judgement day on the plains this week. We should know a whole lot about Auburn after about the lights go out in Jordan-Hare come Saturday night. Auburn got flat out trounced by LSU last weekend. Ole Miss comes limping into town with a defense that should be the cure to what ails the Gus Malzahn offense.

We may also be seeing the farewell tour of one Houston Nutt, a crazy looking, crazier acting coach who has been the clown of the SEC since 1998. He has handed Auburn some of its worst losses over the years, though mainly when he had names like McFadden and Jones in the backfield.

These days he is reduced to yelling at columnists in press conferences and griping about Auburn stealing his recruits, and up until this year, he has been the only coach to hold Gus Malzahn's offense in check.

Can you imagine what Arkansas would've done with McFadden and Jones had Nutt just left Gus alone back in 2006? Instead, Ole Miss is firmly seated in the basement of the SEC.

After the LSU debacle, the offense desperately needs some confidence. Mike Dyer needs to get off quickly. Trevon Reed needs to emerge. Clint Moseley needs to show we actually have a bit of a vertical threat. And let's face it, after LSU, Ole Miss should be closer to his days at Leroy High as far as speed of the game.

At this point, I think the defense is playing pretty well considering. I look for them to have a statement game.

My guess is the Rebs, err...bears, put all they had emotionally into beating Nutt's former team. I don't think they can get up again in a tough environment, to beat the Tigers.

Auburn- 28
Giggety- 17

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