Monday, October 31, 2011

Ole Miss Review (AU 41 Ole Miss 23)

Welcome Back Mr. Blake!

October draws to a close and...if we're being honest with one another...the best case scenario played out for our Auburn Tigers. Most experts expected an 0-4 run through USC (road), Arkansas (road), UF, and LSU (road). Ole Miss was considered by many the only game this young football team would be winners. Instead of staring 4-5 in the face and needing a win over UGA or Bama to become bowl eligible, this team now has nine victories in its sight...10 if it took down the self-proclaimed "Muhammad Ali of college football" in Bama and followed with a bowl victory. You talk about heads exploding!

I was thrilled to see Clint Moseley be both bold and efficient Saturday. No hesitation to let it fly deep, made good decisions, and threw the ball with fantastic precision. He looks extremely comfortable in the pocket and will flourish as long as we give him time.

I was also happy to see Mike Dyer run with aggression and passion. He must be the most underrated back in this conference as he's done more this year without the help of a passing game and with a drastically inferior offensive line than his highly touted counterparts from Alabama and South Carolina.

I did not like the way we allowed Ole Miss to run the football down our throats the first half. Why we don't stack to box and make a terribly inexperienced, poor passer like Ole Miss' Mackey beat us with his arm is beyond me? Most of the first half we only had six men in the box when it should have been 9!

Overall, I'm happy this team beat an inferior opponent the way it did. Auburn teams of the past would lose games it had no business losing (see Texas Tech losing to Iowa State). This team's only losses remain incredibly difficult road games at top 10 Clemson, Arkansas, and LSU. There's no team in America that runs that gauntlet unscathed.

I know these guys are ecstatic to finally have a bye week. Two weeks to prepare for Georgia as well as a week to allow guys to heal and recover from dings and strains is beneficial and critical in allowing this team to go on the road yet again to face a talented football team. Rest up and prepare well for those Georgia Bulldogs. Would be a tremendous feat for this team to sweep the best teams the East has to offer!


  1. it was great to see the offense finally get going and show that it can score some points. It would be great to see this team put 4 quarter of solid football together in one game. This years team always seems to have one thing or another hold them back. The play calling on both sides of the ball kills me. ...let's see Clint seems to almost be catching on, hmm...let's throw Kiel in there now because no one will ever think were gonna run with him.
    Good job to all the players, you can tell that you play with passion and you are winning the games you're supposed to and even some that you aren't.

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