Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Arkansas Texts

So Rob and I started making public our texts we do during the game. They are knee-jerk, off the cuff, and probably reflect what 90% of fans are thinking at the time. It's mostly humor with some insight. If you get bent out of shape over it, well, go read Phillip Marshall or something.


R: I'm not texting with you. $*^% ends up on world wide web.

Z: Defense gets better and better.

R: D getting pressure

Z: Looking good early. Chiz does a good job of getting them ready to play on the road.

R: Overcoming the bad punt was unbelievable.

Z: Thank God after a turnover we run it...oh nevermind, Gus waited 2 plays for a double reverse pass.

R: Outstanding game plan execution

Z: If we run the ball like this, we camn be in every game.


R: Tough pill to swallow for Hog fans to see home-grown talent scoring on you.

Z: Yep, but I hear Dakota Mosely has eligibility left after his 5-10 stint.

R: That was a bad defensive series for Holland.

Z: Yeah, he's a living Yogi Berra analogy-How can I think and hit at the same time.

Z:We are pretty one dimensional. Trotter needs to find some confidence.

R: Have to help trotter on 1st down

Z: Little unsure about what the heck we're doing offensively. We're abandoning the passing game totally.

R: Holding on Lutzenkirchen a tough call.

Z: Didn't see it (a hold).


Clark is a weapon. Damon Duvall couldn't hold his jock strap.

Z: Better stop em here or we're done.

R: Possession @ 50 must equal 7

Z: We need the pump fake play. Where's Chris Todd when you need him?

R: Getting nothing out of punt returns

Z: What else is new.


R:Trotter could do it if we gave him more decent opportunities. He only throws on 3rd and 14.

Z: If you have a rivals account, ask for your money back. #DeangeloBenton

Z: I think you should sell your Hyundai after that UGA Hyundai commercial.

R: Benton needs eye exam

Z: Nike Strobe training.

Z: Your last week Kodi Burns analogy may be spot on.

R: Bad d always Roofs fault. Be interesting to see if players or Malzahn get blame

Z: Glad that's over.

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