Friday, October 7, 2011

Dr. Z's Arkansas Preview-The Feral Pig Nuisance

Auburn fans, you are clear to fire at will.

While doing my crack research into this week's game, I found that the state of Arkansas is actually encouraging their residents to shoot and kill any Razorback they see roaming the state. Apparently there is a feral pig nuisance in Arkansas. Glad the state actually came around to something the rest of the SEC has known for years.

I think I would be conflicted if I was a hog fan about the idea of shooting my mascot. Granted, Auburn has the majestic eagle while Arkansas has the razorback, a wild pig that eats and root in its own excrement. So may be blasting way at your mascot is less of a problem for Arkansas fans. I'm sure PETA will be filing a complaint soon.

Rob will tell you as a player he hated this game because it felt almost like a non-SEC game. History tells us that Auburn has had a pretty good success rate on the road in Fayetteville, at least before Petrino took over.

Arkansas, despite their hype, is a bit of a mystery. They got run over by Alabama. Then again, who hasn't this year. They looked less than stellar for the better part of a half against Texas A&M, who's hype video song for 2011 must be "Give it Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

One thing for certain is they can't stop the run, which favors Auburn. They have a great passing game, but the Qb has taken more hits than Rick Perry at a GOP debate.

The key to this game is to run the damn ball. Mike Dyer will be ready to stick it to his home state. We should run him and then hit 'em with play action.

The other key is pressure on the QB. We remember Tyler Wilson absolutely shredded us last season. He's been good this year too, throwing for over 500 yards against A&M. He gets knocked around a good bit, thanks to a banged up O-line.

We really need a similar defensive game plan to what we had against Carolina. Stuff the run, press the wideouts and 'bring the hammer' to Wilson.

I think we have a good chance if we can do that.

I picked us to lose last week, which was obvious bulletin board material, so I'll say

Nuisance Pigs: 31
Auburn 29

but I'm hoping for this...

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  1. It is quite unusual that the state let them kill those animal but they have their reason but back to the game. I ain't against it. Even pay per head service aren't