Monday, October 31, 2011

Ole Miss Reax: One Handed Kirchen

I've said once or twice Lutzie is the best tight end in college football. He does all the little things. He blocks well, he gets people into the right position, he runs very good routes.

Every once in a while, he reminds us why we love football so much. The catch and score in the waining minutes against Ole Miss was poetry.

I think #43 has to be happy his close friend Clint Moseley is now the Auburn QB. He gets way more balls thrown his way. I am happy too, because I get to see more plays like that.

All in all, Auburn had a pretty complete performance against a desperate team Saturday night, although they gave up a few too many rushing yards to suit most of us.

Some random thoughts:
- Clint Moseley looks at home as Auburn's quarterback. A 257+ passer rating speaks for itself. It kind of makes me look back to Arkansas and Clemson and say what if.

-Eltoro is Spanish for "the toro". I wish #10 would've been given more of a chance 2 years ago. He just gets better and better. Sometimes you just have to tell a guy to go out and hit whatever you see.

-Think Auburn missed Mr. Blake? Emory gave Auburn an instant boost coming back from injury. If that's 75%, Georgia better be very very worried.

-Do punter's get dead legged? Steven Clark is still hanging punts high, but his average has dropped around 7 yards over the last three games. Hopefully he'll enjoy the week off to get a little more distance.

-Gabe Wright is frickin huge. He wears Nick Fairley's #90, but he's bigger than Nick, with a huge wingspan. He will be a beast soon.

-I think I'll just go ahead and score that meaningless touchdown. I guess if I'm Houston Nutt, I'd do the same thing. Maybe it will make him feel better when he gets canned after losing to Mississippi State.

Overall, this was a good win for the Tigers. I think we'll see a confident team head to Athens in a couple weeks. In the meantime, let's all enjoy our week off.

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