Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. Z's Mother-$%&$*@^?! Florida Review

The phrase "going postal" may be changed to "going Muschamp"

And you thought Will Muschamp had mellowed after becoming a head coach. His reaction to the no-call on the muffed punt was so expletive laced that the kids from Me Myself and Irene were turned off by the offensive language. He didn't even wait for an explanation from the officials before he started showering the crew with F-bombs. I was actually in shock that he didn't get a flag after he called timeout, just to get in more swearing. It was like watching Gordon Ramsey on Hell's Kitchen or soemthing. And I'm not sure the call was wrong, either. Rainey obviously waited very late to signal fair catch, and he didn't raise his arm up over his head.

I don't thing the call mattered in the general scheme of things. The Gators were so inept on offense, the would've blown it anyway. Muschamp has a long way to go with this bunch he has. The are mismatched for the system they try to run on offense, and they are not very disiplined.

The first half of this game was hard to watch. Auburn followed their predictable offensive game plan as of late, by pounding it on first and second down, getting behind the sticks on 3rd down. It is pretty obvious Trotter has lost confidence. His throws have no touch and are off the mark. It's like he's throwing the ball too hard. Moseley was a nice change of pace, and he looks like he can at least keep the pressure off of the running game.

Defensively, we looked pretty good, but I have tempered my optimism just based on the fact we have stuffed two teams that have bigger QB issues than we do. I love Eltoro Freeman making plays, and bringing a little energy to the game. He and Darren Bates will have to continue to get better if we have a chance at all to get to 9 or 10 wins. All in all, I love how much this unit has improved.

I think we have a shot in every game with the defense getting better. But our special teams play is helping us win ballgames. Rainey didn't drop those punts by accident. Steven Clark's punts are so high that they have to be hard to catch. Chalk up Saturday as another game the special teams have won for Auburn.

Auburn has found a way to win 2 out of 3 so far in October, and that's 2 more than most experts said we would win before the month started. Saturday will be a huge test for the Tigers. We'll have to bring our A-game.

Here's hoping we will.

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  1. On the muffed punt, Rainey also took a step toward our player at the very last second as he attempted to catch the ball. I don't know the rule but without this last minute step, he would have had more than enough room to catch the ball and thus it looked closer than it really was. Just my 2 cents...