Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Farewell to Eyes on Auburn...the blog

For the last four seasons I have come here to express my thoughts regarding Auburn football at the suggestion of my good buddy Dr. Z. What we started as a way to just capture our thoughts and add a little intrigue to football season, grew into something many people became passionate about and looked forward to our insight. It has been a tremendous ride and I have enjoyed getting to know many of you that come here to read what we write. I have appreciated your kinds words and encouragement as well as the dialogue we've shared with regard to Auburn football. I will be stepping away from this blog to write for my friends at AuburnSports.com. I will be doing the same thing, a preview and game review as well as timely article on current events. Justin Hokanson and I will also resume our podcast in the near future. I will also be providing instant analysis on gamedays in an exciting venture that will be announced shortly. If you're not a regular over at AuburnSports.com I hope you'll come on over and join us. If so, you'll never miss a beat. Thanks to Dr. Z for making me laugh and getting me involved in the blogosphere! War Eagle friends!!