Friday, October 14, 2011

Dr Z's Florida Preview from New England

Greetings from Maine. I'm typing my preview from an IPad so hopefully the auto-correct won't embarrass me too much.

So I walked around Boston yesterday looking in my AU sweatshirt looking for a War Eagle. I didn't get one. I didnt even get a "scam Newton". I think the the city is still pretty depressed about the Red Sox blowing a huge September lead and fall out of the playoffs. Can you imagine a super-talented team with an insurmountable lead blowing it late? Yes, Sox fans and Bammers have much in common, I have a feeling Red Sox nation depression is similar to Bama Nation depression post Iron Bowl.

As for the game, we have two evenly matched teams who both need a win. Florida has been beaten and battered for two straight weeks by Bama and LSU. We have quarterback issues in case no one noticed, but so does Florida. Our running game is better than theirs, with Dempsey and Rainey being banged up.

I think we have a good shot at winning this one, with a night game and the home crowd. Hopefully, Barrett Trotter has seen the sports shrink from that bad cable show. Dyer in/Speedwagon out is the way to win this one...

Auburn 21
Boom #%*%><€+| 17

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  1. I look forward to your previews just to see what you're going to call the other team.