Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Reax-Mad Hatter/ Mad Hater Edition

Love me some Les Miles today

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend. Auburn would blow out a weaker opponent and Bama would escape LSU. Cam would be a media darling and an Iron Bowl of epic proportion would be scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving.

Now its Monday and those of us wearing orange and blue are trying to get our heads around an ESPN story full of rumor and insinuation, and the Crimson nation is still trying to figure out how Les Miles chewed up Nick Saban (and apparently some of the turf at Death Valley) and spit him out. I honestly never thought I'd see the day when Les Freakin Miles coached circles around the Dark Lord.

First to the game, Auburn took care of business, and did exactly what they needed to do. The defensive starters were done midway through the second quarter, their offensive couterparts done after halftime. Cam put up more ridiculous numbers, which gives him more touchdowns than the majority of FBS schools.

To the ESPN mudslinging, I can only say that it is either a statement on how college football is totally morally bankrupt if true. If it is untrue, then it is an indictment on journalistic integrity. Think about it. I can go on this blog an allege that Mark Schlabaugh and Thayer Evans sleep with sheep. I might can even drag up a quote of some farmer somewhere who says he might have seen them do it.

And by their standard its true. They ran a story that Auburn, the NCAA, and the SEC new about for months, and still Cam Newton is still out there playing football. Nothing but rumors, no money trail, no paper trail, no assocaition with Auburn.

They immediately started backtracking Friday, saying that Auburn had nothing to do with it. My guess is more backtracking coming from the WWL in the days to come, or the story just outright dying altogether.

I don't think that Cam had anything to do with this. If it comes out he did, then we should pay the price. If its not true, then heads should roll at ESPN and the NYT. If there is any journalistic integrity left in the world, then they should be fired.

I do agree with Rob that this team is galvanized now. We have unfinished business with Georgia, Bama, and (hopefully) Florida. I say hopefully Florida because Urban Meyer better pray to the god of petty scumbags that South Carolina pulls it out Saturday, because Cam, Chiz, and the Auburn fam are out for blood in the Ga Dome. And he thinks Bama can cause a panic attack.

War Eagle folks. You are looking at a great team headed down the stretch. Our time is now.

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