Monday, November 29, 2010

Iron Bowl Reax: Comeback Kids Do It Again

An Auburn fan at the end of the first quarter of the 2010 Iron Bowl:

An Alabama fan after Lutz's game winning catch:

Oh mercy, I still cannot get over the 2010 version of the Iron Bowl. I have watched the game three times now. I will watch it again tonight. (my wife is going to burn my DVR box)

It truly is hard to find words. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, "It's never happened in history and it hasn't happened since." A comeback against a team you just don't come back against in the most unfriendly of environments. Down 10 points? I would say maybe. Down 24? I would say no way except that I saw it with my own eyes. I have never seen a team so rudderless in one half be so brilliant in the second.

I have also never seen a team so dominant in one half become so inept in the second. It almost makes one wonder what Nick Saban actually said at halftime. I have heard all day today that Alabama did a great coaching job in that game. I totally disagree with that. Scheme-wise, sure, it was the best job I have seen against Auburn's offense. From a motivation standpoint, it was an absolute trainwreck for Bama. My guess is Saban went in at half and berated his team, even after dominating the #2 team in the country for 30 minutes, and it backfired. I have no knowledge that is true, but the way they responded gives me a pretty good idea.

Rob is right on the money as usual, about the intangibles of this team. It makes me wonder what kind of losers Gene Chizik had to coach at Iowa St. How could you not want to play for this guy? He is so collected. Never too high or too low, just the perfect temperament to be a head coach. We are lucky to have him, for sure.

I thought Auburn's defense in the second half of the game was as good as I have seen from an Auburn team since 2004. I like that we got aggressive and blitzed more. I hope we see more of that against Garcia and company come Saturday. Eltoro was great and T-Bell was great too. I hope we see more of the Bull from now on. He is a difference maker for that defense. No offense to Darren Bates, but Toro is just a level above.

I wish i could have been there walking out of the stadium Friday night, just to see the stunned looks on the faces of the Crimson nation. This wasn't supposed to happen to them, not with Saban. But it did, and in the span of 365 days, the pendulum swung in the direction of East Alabama.

It's not 2009 anymore. The past is just that, and the future is now.

Two more guys. Come on.

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  1. Your graphics made me laugh out loud. I seriously am going to have to borrow the second picture the next time I have an irate parent cause problems...I will need to send that picture with a caption.."I can't take it anymore!"....I LOVE your humor...and I too would have loved to witness the dumbfounded looks on Bammers when they passed out of the stadium realizing, "WTH just happened in there!"....Rammer Jammer..thanks for the laugh.