Monday, November 15, 2010

Georgia Reax: SEC West Champs edition

A 4th quarter snoozer

I would say that Cam Newton is a heartless machine seeing as how he brushed off a week of turmoil and distraction to play an near perfect game Saturday. But we know that's not true.

He smiles. He laughs. He hops around. He has fun at the game of football like no other person I have ever seen.

I guess its easy to have that much fun when you are that much better than everyone else. Georgia found that out Saturday. They pretty much slowed Cam about as well as anyone has this season (and I include certain certain sports columnists in that list). Cam only lit up the Dawgs for four touchdowns, two passing and two running.

The rest of the team on offense especially played tight in the first half, but they found their mojo and the race was on. As good as A.J. Green was, he and the Georgia offense just couldn't keep up.

It was an emotional game for Auburn given the week that was. Not to say that I give our guys a pass for the foolish way they behaved at the end of the game. Nick Fairly's hit on Murphy was late and stupid. It gave UGA a touchdown later in the drive.

The late hit followed by the Fairly blocked into Murphy's knees play followed by the "code red" ordered by UGA's coaching staff (that's what myself and others speculate, anyway) led to the scuffle which led to punches thrown. Nick's late hit begat alot of bad things, including the touchdown.

That being said, the Georgia folks are pissing and moaning about how classless Auburn is now.

This from the program who has convicted players than an Adam Sandler remake. The same program who came out and danced on the field after a touchdown against Florida. Might I also remind Dawg fans of this little nugget:

So spare me your righteous indignation. You lost. Big. If your guys spent more time on the practice field and less time in the Athens detention facility, you might have had a chance. Might I suggest another blackout for the Tech game, because your program is dead and buried. We merely pulled the plug on your life support.

Now, bring on Bama, who looked pretty good Saturday night against State. Though a source states that Saban is being investigated for sexual harassment of AJ McCarron.

War Eagle guys and gals!!!


  1. Best Article I have seen on the subject Dr Z . It wish it could be run on the front page of every newspaper in the SEC!
    And don't think that Richt is not happy about all the bad AU press, it takes the heat off of him at home (at least temporarily). Thanks for the post - made my day.

  2. I meant to say "I" wish ... not It.