Thursday, November 11, 2010

Georgia Preview: Circle The Wagons

Any else sick of this stuff?

Amidst the storm of controversy, here we are, staring a perfect season in the face. Four wins to something most of us have only dreamed of. We've seen a perfect season in 2004, but most of us don't remember '57.

Now we have outside forces, off the field mind you, trying to tear us down.

To that I say "Nuts". (Look it up, its a good story)

Time to circle the wagons Auburn fans. We're one win from the SEC West Championship. We got this. Now we can't lose faith in our players and coaching staff. I won't believe a word of this garbage until there is a smoking gun. Read the post just below mine that punches holes in all this stuff. Sorry for the rant. On to the game...

Goergia has beaten Auburn four times in a row. Its hard to believe that the last time Auburn beat Georgia was Brandon Cox's sophomore year. That seems like decades ago now.

The Dogs started off miserably, but have picked things up over the last few weeks, thanks to Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky three weeks in a row.

I have no doubt they will be confident coming into Jordan Hare.

But they have more holes than an ESPN story defensively. I don't see them stopping the Auburn running game. I also see a rested Auburn defense, which got three quarters off last week, making a statement here.

Georgia may get some points, but it won't be nearly enough. Cam, Speedwagon and a healthy Michael Dyer will shred Georgia.

I say...

Auburn: 48
Underdogs 24

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