Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bama Preview-We Comin'

Let's do this

This has been the longest week ever it seems. All of the pontificating and soothsaying comes to an end on Friday. All of the speculation, the mud-slinging, doomsday talk...well that all ends too.

I wrote last year after the Iron Bowl that Auburn was close to being back near the top of the college football world. I had no idea we were this close. But a superman wearing #2 brought us here. He has endured a tough road to get to Bryant Denny, just as the rest of the Auburn football team.

In 2008, we were dead according to football pundits. Two short years later, Auburn football is light years ahead. It hasn't been an easy climb back to the top of the mountain, but we are almost there.

Now to the Iron Bowl. I hate this game, but I love it. It is as nerve racking, pressure filled, and intense as any that you'll find from a fans perspective. Rob told you about his feelings earlier this week as a player. I remember each and every one of those games, from the gut wrenching losses in that toxic waste dump at Legion Field to the Jarret Holmes game-winner where we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Those were tense. Hard to take when you lose, and sheer bliss when you win.

So what happens this year? I think it will be won or lost in the trenches. Want to know who wins this game? Look at the offensive lines of both teams. If Auburn does what they have done all year, Auburn wins. If Bama can't corral Nick Fairly, Auburn wins.

On the flipside, if the Bama O-line opens running lanes for Richardson and Ingram, it could make for a long day for the Auburn defense. Don't underestimate the big play power of the Alabama offense either. They thrive off of the home run ball lately. Julio Jones is a legit deep threat and both backs can take a screen or swing pass and go the distance.

I have said all week, if this game is in the low 20's, Bama has a great chance, but if it is 30+, Auburn finishes the regular season undefeated. Are you ready for a war? Because that's what it will be come Friday. In the end, Auburn prevails and heads to Hot-lanta 12-0.

Auburn 38
Greatest team ever assembled (in August) 33

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