Thursday, November 4, 2010

UT Chattanooga Preview

At least the coaches aren't hiding their perception of UTC by forgoing Sunday's practice in exchange for dinner and a Halloween cosutume contest. I'm sure Monday the coaches gave the "Respect your opponent" speech, but the tone was set Sunday and it wasn't a tone of respect thy opponent. I'm not downing the night off and costume fact, things like that make me a bit jealous...we never had coaches create an atmosphere of fun, unity building, bonding moments something as silly as a costume contest and dinner produce. I think it was brilliant, a much needed break from the monontonous grind of the same ol' repetitive cycle. I'm sure the guys enjoyed it and appreciated the coaches for allowing it. But, you can't then turn around and say, "We respect UTC" like we do any other opponent. You can only do something like this when you have a group a guys mature enough to handle it and Coach Chizik is confident he has just that.

This is a game you want to accomplish four things...1. Be sharp 2. Work on a few wrinkles you'd like to use against Georgia and Bama, personnel as well as schematically (without tipping your hand) 3. Rest your starters by playing everyone on the sideline 4. No injuries.

Really nothing else to say. Looking forward to running the record to 10-0 and preparing for the two biggest games of the year.

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