Sunday, November 7, 2010

UT Chattanooga Review (AU 62 UTC 24)

In the interest of full disclosure, this weekend was the Alabama Optometric Association Continuing Education Convention in Birmingham so I was not able to watch the game. I did keep up with the stats religiously throughout the games entirety and was extremely pleased with the way the starters handled business. My phone couldn't keep up with the barrage of scoring in the first half...every time I hit refresh 7 more points were on the board. Even Wes Byrum's leg felt the fatigue of extra point after extra point to the point of actually missing one. He probably should have started kicking them left-footed! I was happy to see so many guys able to contribute and glad we were able to rest those who've been through the battles up to this point.

As always, Cam Newton's ability to handle the media with grace, with ease, confidence and impeccable articulation was challenged this week and passed without question. He was thrust into the national spotlight for reasons he never could have conjured and how does he respond?...He goes out and throws for 4 TDs, rushes for another all in the first half. He silences those who wondered if the storm of controversy the media artificially created would be enough to rattle the guy who's been unshakable. To those who immediately concluded his guilt and shouted they could no longer vote for Cam for Heisman, he makes them look like fools. And does he look bitter, or angry, or even remotely frustrated in talking to those who've created a nightmare for him and his family? No...when asked how he felt after the game, "I feel like 10-0!" Perfect! He was giving them the middle finger while killing them with kindness. Pure class! I recognize his performance was against the worst competition he's probably played since high school. Just shows what he'd do week in and week out against Boise State's laughable schedule where he'd play 10 of these games (not counting brutal tests such as Hawaii or Wyoming...on the road). I hope my sarcasm is just bleeding through.

I really believe in the end this entire story came at a great time for this team and will galvanize them, giving these an additional rallying point, something else to create an "us against the world, no one respects us" team unity that honestly is hard to manufacture when things have gone so well. I think guys will raise their level of play in an attempt to lift Cam up, to make things easier for him, and I'm sure the emotional and spiritual support he's receiving through this is off the charts.

Now, time to take care of business this week against the Georgia Bulldogs and punch our ticket to Atlanta. Oh, and in between Georgia and Atlanta...throttling the Crimson Tide into oblivion!

Best Facebook post I saw as Saturday came to an end..."Well the debate begins Monday morning on ESPN...if a two-loss Alabama or undefeated Boise deserves a shot at the National Title!" War Eagle!


  1. War Eagle.

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  2. Someone once said..........."Our time is NOW"