Monday, November 1, 2010

Ole Miss/BCS Reax: Sometimes I hate ESPN

The guy on the left is a Bozo. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

So much for the trap game. Auburn had Eli and Archie headed to the exits by halftime Saturday night. My guess is they argued if Cam Newton was more like Peyton or Brandon Jacobs on the ride home. On that night, he was more the former than the latter.

Auburn's offense simply dominated the Gray Rebel Black Bears*, and while the defense had their moments of lackluster tackling, they held out pretty well after the first quarter.

I have to say I find Bob Davie insufferable. Comparing Masoli to Cam the entire first half was ridiculous. Had Masoli turned his Ole Miss into a BCS contender overnight I might have agreed, but Jeez, they lost to Jax St and Vandy for goodness sakes. Bob's claim to fame is starting Notre Dame down the path to college football oblivion a few years back. I keep thinking the Irish hit rock bottom with a terrible loss every year, but then they continue the downward spiral like they did this weekend against the Golden Hurricane**. Irish fans, thank Mr. Davie for the biggest fall from grace in college football history.

Follow that up with Jesse Frickin Palmer spewing his garbage Sunday night, and I had my fill of the worldwide leader. Jesse's biggest claim to fame is being the Bachelor one season, as if being a QB at Florida under the Ballcoach wasn't reason enogh to hate the guy.

And style points? Really? How is it that hanging 50+ on an SEC opponent on the road doesn't get you style points? What a joke.

That being said, it doesn't really matter. We all know if Auburn wins out they are in Glendale come January. It just irks me that ESPN has to be a controversy pusher like Fox News and MSNBC. When the 24 hour news cycle infects my beloved college football, it sticks in my craw.***

Alright, cupcakes for homecoming then the 2 game season starts. Man oh man, what an autumn this has turned out to be.

*Kind of sad for Ole Miss about the mascot thing, but the Gray uni's? Doesnt anyone in Mississippi remember what happended the last time the home team wore all gray and played visitors in navy?

**Kind of sounds like some kinky term on Urban Dictionary

***Sorry to soap box, but John Stewart's speech at the rally to restore sanity was spot on.


  1. .....I agree with you on Davie. I'd rather listen to Slobberin' Lou, even.

  2. Acid, Don't know if you live around B'ham, but there is a guy on JOX who does a spot on impression of Dr.Lou every Friday.

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  4. Davie is alcoholic red. Must have rosacea?! He's darker than the black guy!

  5. I think he hit the spray tan booth like 3 straight times.

  6. .....Homewood. There's only so much of Pawwwwwll I can take, though.