Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dr. Z's Chattanooga Mocs preview

I'm going to be 100% honest. I am looking ahead here. I know nothing about Chattanooga, except there was a moderately important Civil War Battle there and the traffic at 5:30 on a Friday sucks worse than Birmingham.

Auburn's going to hang 50 on this team without really even trying. We've come a long way since 2008 when we had trouble with UT-Martin.

I would like to take a second to talk about some other fans that are looking ahead. All this week on talk radio in Birmingham, the Bammers have been talking about preparing for Cam Newton. 'How do we stop Cam Newton?' is the prevailing question on WJOX. They even roll out Rob's beloved Brother Oliver to ask him. I loved his answer- "Georgia and Alabama have their work cut out for them."

I don't want to take Brother out of context here, but the SEC defensive genius of the 1990's, who carried Gene Stallings and Mal(function) Moore to a National Championship in 1992 basically said there is no good way to stop Cam. And he's right, because you can get people in the right places to defend Cam, but if he's a better athlete than the guys trying to tackle him, the result is a ridiculous run like we saw against LSU.

Anyway, back to my point about the look-ahead. Auburn I can see looking ahead. Even Georgia, who pays Idaho St this week I can understand. Bama, not so much.

Because going to LSU against those kinds of athletes is a dangerous proposition. Factor in the mad hatter, and you better have your mind right.

But I keep hearing and reading about how Bama took time in their off week to gameplan against Auburn. That may just be internet hoo-ha, but if its true its either incredibly arrogant, or incredibly stupid. So that being said, don't be surprised if the Rolltide struggles mightily this weekend, but what do I know.

As for our game...

Auburn 66
Mocs than have a train in their emblem* 24

*I get the train thing since its Chattanooga and all, but why not a scary water loving pit viper? Now this is freakin scary...

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  1. Impressive. If I didn't read it last week, I'd wonder how you edited it Saturday night. War Eagle.