Thursday, September 22, 2011

Florida Atlantic Preview

There's no need to write an extensive preview for this game. If FAU manages to keep this one close, Rivals, Scout, and ESPN recruiting services should be shut down by executive order, immediately after our defensive coaching staff is dismissed!

I still don't feel like all's lost or the sky's falling. As sickening as it's been to see our defense shredded on a weekly basis, it's unfortunately become the norm and I've grown to expect it. That being said, in my mind, each game is a race to 35. If we get to 35 points we have a shot. This week I don't foresee 35 being an issue. Going forward...if we don't score at least can almost bet the farm we fall short!

I'm interested to see the defense tackle, play fast, improve timing on blitzes, blitz like your life depended on it, create a turnover, and make a team punt once or twice!

Offensively, I'd like to see us get Mike Dyer 25-30 carries/game, convert at least 50% of third down attempts, see our offensive line get more aggressive, Onterio McCalebb break a big play, rushing yards from the QB position, and complete some intermediate level throws...meaning not bubble/swing routes or the deep ball (seems like it's all or nothing with our passing game).

Florida Atlantic-13

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