Monday, September 12, 2011

Mississippi State Reax: Cardiac Kids Do it Again

Call us when you beat somebody, Danny Boy.

There's nothing more enjoyable than sticking it to the world. With everybody disrespecting the reining national champs, what does Auburn do? In the words of Lou Brown in the movie Major League, "We go out there and give em all one big s$#t-burger to eat."

All of that and a nickel gets you a four point underdog status against a team that was on the ropes to the wife's Alma matre, the fightin Terriers of Wofford. I saw the score at the tailgate of the Clemson-Wofford game. I rushed over to Beth and said "Wofford's leading Clemson!" Her reply: "That's nice. Can you change Bryant's diaper?" I've mentioned before my wife does not care much about football, right?

As for the game, I keep thinking if these guys grow up a little bit every week, by the Georgia game we'll be a sight to see. Offensively, Dyer runs like he's angry. And you don't ant to make him angry.

Other than the pick six that looked like I threw it, Trotter was again better than advertised. The offensive line looks much better with A.J. Green at tackle. They continue to improve, and again, by week 7 or eight they should be pretty salty.

Am I the only person who thinks our kicking game is upgraded from last season? Parkey and Clark are boomers. Flipping the field is something we haven't seen from Auburn in quite a while. Those two guys will win us a game or two before the season is done.

On that note, the special teams are the best part of our team right now. Give Coach Bouleware some bodies to work with and all of a sudden it's the most important aspect of our team.

Defensively, we still have miles to go. That being said, I think we have come a long way. I like how much better we tackled Saturday, and other than 3rd down, I thought we played OK. Maybe if could just keep the scoreboard on 2nd down throughout? I still think this defensive unit will continue to improve, and be a pretty good defense by the end of the season. It is important to keep in my all of the pro-style offenses we'll face down the road. Ted Roof usually schemes better against those types of teams for whatever reason. Here's hoping that holds true as we make our way down the schedule.

So, there you have it, the nation's longest win streak is still intact. Chizik and Company take the kids on a road trip to Carolina Saturday. I hope they enjoy it better than my long road trips to the Palmetto Sate.

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  1. Zack,
    I think it is fair to say that the kicking game gave us a win against Dan's boys this past weekend.