Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dr Z's Miss. St Preview

We're simplifying our defense this week. So easy a Caveman could do it?

I have to say, this one has me uber-worried. Mississippi State demolished a really bad Memphis team last week. But to put it into context, Memphis likely one of the bottom 10 in D-1. You never thought you'd hear someone say they missed Tommy West, but they're saying it in Memphis right now. Mike Dubose has worked wonders with that defense over there.

My big concern is Auburn. No matter how you spin it, that victory last weekend showed some glaring deficiencies on both sides of the ball. The defensive line battled like the French circa May 1940 against Utah freakin State. We flat out got pushed around the entire game. Ted Roof's answer is to simplify. To that I have to say two words- "Uh-oh.".

My colleague Rob spent the better part of his review wondering aloud why we didn't show more to confuse a freshman quarterback. Chris Relf comes in with tons of experience backed a by a very good running attack. Let's not forget Dan Mullin was the guy behind arguably the best 3 years in Gator history. We saw what happened to Urban Meyer after Mullin packed his bags for Starkville. Again, to reiterate, Ted Roof's answer is to simplify. Again, color me less than optimistic.

Offensively, I think Trotter and company hold hup just fine. Gustav is too good not to find ways to exploit the State weaknesses, espcially at linebacker. I look for Dyer to have a better day, and for Lutzie to show why he's the best tight end in college football.

7 point home dogs? I find that hard to believe no matter how bad we looked. Mullin is still looking for a signature win. So far, the best thing on his resume is beating a bad Florida team last year. I have to believe that last week was a wakeup call for our young team. I'd be willing to bet practice was a bit more physical. Hopefully, our guys respond.

I may be incredibly wrong here, but I say...


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