Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dr. Z's Utah State Preview-Let's Get it On!

Finally, the 2011 season is upon us. I am so ready to see our boys in blue hit the field. We won't have to wait long Saturday. I hate these 11 AM kicks. Don't sleep late Auburn fans, or you might miss Ontario's 80 yard run in the first quarter.

So for week one we get the Utah State Aggies, located in Logan, Utah. When I think of Utah, I think of these guys...

You know, happy white people with lots of kids. (Wait, is Rob a Mormon?!)

The only other thing about Utah I know is they have strict alcohol laws. If you see a big happy family of white people mulling around campus, don't offer them any booz. Also no sweet tea, they can't do that either. That Mormon rule may actually be a good one, since Milo's sweet tea is the closest thing to crack there is.

Anyway, as far as the game goes, look for a slow start from Auburn. Our doe-eyed freshman will need to get hit in the mouth once or twice before they remember that they are here to play football. And when they do, I bet they'll be a sight to see.

Look for Omac and Mike Dyer to have big days, but Tre La Soul will be the guy we are talking about on Monday.

Defensively, I expect our guys to play well. I am pretty excited to see Jake Holland running the defense. I do not expect as big a drop off at LB as some may think. He played a good bit as a frosh. Look for him to step up and be a breakout player.

I also can't wait to see Craig Sanders. He has been an absolute beast in the weight room in the off season, going from 225 to almost 270 in a little over a year. We all saw this guy's motor on special teams. I cannot wait to see him on the defensive line.

I have no idea what to expect form this team. If some leaders show up, the sky is the limit with the talent we have. It's going to be a fun ride in 2011.

Auburn 54
Ragin' Mormons 24

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