Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dr. Z's Carolina Preview, Brah

"Pass the Funions, man..."

Has there ever been a more lovable cartoonish character in modern college football? Steven Garcia is South Carolina's Randall "Pink" Floyd. I bet he never signed any pledge.

I have taken a strange liking to Garcia. He's just livin, man. L-I-V-I-N. Livin the college star's dream. I bet Rob was practically just like Garcia when he played. Let's look at a pic of Rob back then...

OK, so not exactly the same thing, but Rob played defense, and according to Rob, defensive guys don't get to do things like have multiple chicks in their hotel rooms prior to bowl games, unless their last name is Spikes or Dansby.*

Our best hope for the weekend is a theory I like to call "Steven being Steven". If Garcia is his normal self in this game, we have a good shot at pulling of a victory. He gift wrapped the 2010 game with two fumbles (Conner Shaw, Steve's Hitler youth-looking backup helped with two INTs).

Our big problem in the game will be stopping or at least limiting Marcus Lattimore. We must put 8-9 in the box and stry to shut down the run game and make ol Greazy beat us. He may hit on a big play or two, but he'll likely turn the ball over.

I think we will score points on SC's defense. The haven't looked all that spectacular this year considering all of the talent the have over there.

I haven't liked like our chances in this game since the pre-season. Taking a young team on the road to a play a Gamecock squad that will most certainly be out for revenge after the SEC championship game will be a tall test.

As always, we need to jump out early and dampen the crowd. That was worked to perfection a couple of weeks ago at Clemson, but we just could not maintain. This weekend, we'll have to do that.

I think we'll stop Lattimore somewhat, but I have little faith in our defense right now to get off the field and prevent drives.

I see a similar result in this trip to Carolina....

Auburn 24
Cocks 33

*I have no knowledge of Takeo Spikles or Karlos Dansby having multiple girls girls in their room prior to bowl games. So if you read this blog guys, please don't come to Trussville and beat me up.

*Photo h/t to EDSBS's LSU Freek.

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  1. Just because I didn't have long hair doesn't mean I couldn't hang with Leo Carson or Dirty Nolan in 'Skegee!