Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dr. Z's Clemson Preview:

Ugliest. Mascot. Ever.

Week three is a pivotal game, but more for the Clemson Tigers than the Auburn Tigers. If you recall, last season Clemson went in the tank after losing in a brutal, physical game where they had us on the ropes. After seeing them in person, I expected them to have a pretty good 2010, but they never really returned to the form they showed in the first half of the 2010 AU game.

I like Clemson (don't mispronounce it among their fans, it really irks them. It's Climp-son). They're fans are a lot like us. Thier school looks a lot like ours. Climp-son is Auburn-lite. Plus they are way more tolerable than Gamecock fans. I hope they have a decent season after we've break thier hearts again.

As for a game breakdown, they run the Malzahn spread (like Auburn). They have a very good tailback (like Auburn) and so far this year, they haven't played a lick of defense (did I mention they were like us?)

I look for another high scoring game. My big concern is Climp-son getting ready for this game since camp opened in August. (Jay Barker says so. He's BFF's with Dabo Sweeney) Have they been game planning for Auburn like they did last year? Will Climp-son throw all of their eggs into the Auburn basket even with a huge game against Florida State looming? I think if Dabo had to choose, he'd rather beat Auburn.

I do not, however, think he has the coaching chops to get it done.

Auburn 44
Auburn Wannabes 34

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