Monday, September 26, 2011

FAU Reax: Are Things as Bad as They Seem?

Is anyone's job on the line?

Well that didn't give anyone a whole lot of confidence did it? That was as listless a performance as I've seen in the Chizik era, and if you can find an Auburn fan that tells you that they are looking forward to October, you are being lied to.

I honestly am scratching my head about what exactly has happened to our offense. The Tigers were rolling right along until the second quarter against Clemson. The wheels came off the Guz bus for some strange reason, and they weren't exactly back on for FAU.

Defensively, we still have light years to go before we even come close to our mediocre unit we rolled out in 2010.

I expected better. Even with the youth, even witht the new faces, I expected better. I think we all did.

I don't want to make too big a deal about this game Saturday, but it's critical from the pyschological standpoint. If we go out there and get embarrassed, then the fragile psyche of this young Auburn team could blow apart. If we can come up with a win, or even a close loss agaisnt an East favorite, then we can feel a little better. But I will say it again, Saturday is critical.

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