Friday, December 17, 2010

Lookback 2010-Arky St.

Figured we'd kill time by briefly looking back at the 2010 season, game by game. We'll try to do this for all 13 before January 10th.

Going into this game...We just weren't sure what we could expect. This new guy Newton, was he any good? Would he be another Daniel Cobb? Would the defense be any better? What did we know for sure? That our buddy Matt has an awesome man-cave. That and fantasy football draft nights can cause an awesome hangover...

What happened? Auburn's offense steam-rolled, the defense looked no better than the 2009 version. We got our first look at Cam Newton. Rob and I had lots of patients the following Monday, because it was so awesome it caused people's eyes to bleed.

Going forward, what did it mean? This Auburn offense may be the best ever, but the Defense may be a liability, and cost us a few games. Matt requires smoked chicken wings from the green egg in exchange for getting to use the man-cave. Done and done, sir.


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