Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Lookback-Clemson

We're reviewing all 13 games of the 2010 season up to the BCS national Championship Game. Today we'll look at Game 3.

Going in... I was pumped about this one because: #1 the Mrs and I were actually going down to the game. #2A college friend of my wife who is a huge college football fan (specifically Clemson) was joining us. #3 We had a free place to stay.

We still had many uncertains about Auburn as a team. Clemson was also a mystery because they had played no one. All we knew was they had a pretty good baseball player as a QB and a ton of talented players on defense.

What happened... Clemson jumped out 17-0, I contemplated bailing at half. Our friend Margie was cheering like mad during the first half. If I didn't like her so much I would've dumped my drink on her. We looked absolutely awful.

In the second half, Margie got really quiet for some reason. She turned and told me during the 3rd quarter that she would've cut me but she likes my wife too much. Auburn roared back and won it in OT, as Clemson's kicker proved he is no Wes Byrum.

What we learned...That Auburn has some serious cojones for coming back like that. The offense that was throttled in the first half showed that it could be brilliant in the second. We did just enough to win, for sure. Looking back now it was one of those season changing games. If we lose at home to Clemson, we probably go 9-3. We also saw th Auburn defense begin a season long tradition of disabling (literally) opposing quarterbacks.


  1. This was the low point of an undefeated season. At the time I was mildly agonizing over our team's dual personality. One that was great and one that sucked, and also over the fact that Auburn had escaped two teams that had no one but themselves to blame for not beating Auburn, or at least that's how it felt.

    I was also wondering if one of the back up quarterbacks might be a better option for opening up the passing game. Oh, how silly that seems now.

  2. We sit at JH with our son and dil. Our son left before halftime and was not there for our FG before the end of 2nd qtr. He was bewildered and upset he left too early. CTT's team would have lost that game. We were elated at the comeback..............little did we know!!!