Monday, December 6, 2010

SEC Title Review: (AU 56 SC 17)

Congratulations to the most resilient football team in America. SEC Champions with a perfect 13-0 record!! Complete domination over the Eastern Champ Gamecocks. You made a statement to those who doubted resounding from coast to coast...your preparation and execution, your passion and love for one another, your representation of Auburn University, those that have come before you, those that will try to emulate you, those that can only follow from a distance to those in attendance wherever you play is to be and will be admired for decades to come.

Your reward...a trip to play for it all and carry the SEC banner for its fifth straight national title. And because of the success this conference has had in national title games, you will be rooted for by no one beyond the SEC states. All the other conferences will root against you. The media will set you up for a fall. Even most of the SEC will root against least in the state of Alabama. For any other team, I may worry the weight, the pressure would be too much to carry. But this team has more character and desire to prove themselves week in and week out, my level of worry is nonexistent.

Watching the offensive explosion in the Georgia Dome was a thing of beauty! Gus Malzahn on a script to begin games is mind blowing. Allowing him a month to prepare for Oregon will be exciting to see. And the defensive play was solid once again. You limit a team to yards through the air alone, cutting off the running game at the knees, and you're gonna win the vast majority of your football games. This defense gets that. Kudos to Craig Stevens and T'Sharvan Bell. Your level of play has been stellar as of late and an enormous reason we've been successful as a unit.

I have to agree with Dr. Z that Cam is a top 10 pick. In fact, before the season began, Coach Malzahn actually said if Cam developed like he thought he would he would be a top 3 pick. If I'm a NFL GM I have no hesitation in building my franchise around this guy. His value in marketing alone would reap any team enormous financial gains. He's well spoken, humble, a man among boys on the field, and I've heard my wife state on several occasions how good looking he is.* If a team would take a chance on a battering ram in Tim Tebow in the first round, there's little doubt a team will jump onboard the Newton train within the first 10 picks.

So we should soak in this team, this magical season, this once in a lifetime quarterback. Enjoy this championship and enjoy the memories this team created for each of us. Enjoy the fact our brethren of the crimson persuasion are in utter torture watching what the Tigers have accomplished. Enjoy how quickly Coach Chizik not only closed the gap that existed between Auburn and Alabama, but surpassed the Tide one season removed from a national title. Enjoy Christmas and New Years knowing a well-grounded, humble Auburn unit will play for it all to begin 2011. I know I will. Thank you 2010 SEC Champion undefeated Tigers for making this year a special one for the Auburn Family.

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  1. Ok...lets look at Oregon now...check out the Oregon D-Line...They have a guy named Bair that is like 6-7 and maybe 270-260ish and that is as heavy as they have on the D-Line...this will be the lightest D-Line we have played all year. Now I am sure they are quick/fast guys...but it will be a little different. Our up the middle rushing game with Cam and Newton and a powerful O-line is going to definitely be a challenge for their group.