Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Lookback-La-Monroe

January 10th keeps getting closer! Until then, we're looking back at the season. This week, cupcake city, also known as La-Monroe

Going In... We knew this would be a W. We wanted to rest some guys and not get anyone hurt. Rob packed up the family and headed down for the game. Rob's wife Dana the terminator ran from Chelsea to Auburn in 45 minutes (not really, she's not Kenyan)

What Happened...Mission accomplished as far as the game was concerned. Rob's kids made it through the coin toss and were ready to go.

What did it mean? Auburn looked rock solid, sharp, and did exactly what they needed to do against an overmatched opponent. Cam flashed some passing ability, didn't run the ball once, and Auburn was 5-0 going into the meat of its schedule.

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