Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 LookBack--Mississippi State

We're reviewing perhaps the most magical season in Auburn football history. Today, the now hated Mississippi State*.

Going into this game...Rob said a fast start for AU would be key. I was worried about Thursday night games on the road. I also gave the knuckleheads on the roundtable a hard time for bumping Rob in favor of other former AU players to do their commentary. (That and picking Auburn to lose)

What happened...Auburn got up early and went into slowdown mode. The offense basically went into a shell and relied on the defense to win the game (and a couple of key Bulldog missed opportunities). Some guy named Fairly emerged as a defensive nightmare for opposing qb's. I was left wondering why Gus would slow us to a crawl and speculated that maybe he was keeping the training wheels on Cam for his first road game.

What did it mean? Still more questions than answers. The D looked better in week two. The offense looked mediocre, but a road win in the SEC is nothing to sneeze at, and we were 2-0 staring a very tough two game stretch in the face.

*Sour grapes much? I hope you are all happy, Joe Schad staked his journalistic integrity on you guys. That egg on his face is all your fault, Mrs. Mullin. Oh and congrats on being promoted from Coach's wife to "recruiter".

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