Thursday, December 2, 2010

SEC Title Preview

First things first...Cam may have been cleared by the NCAA but Auburn is by no means out the woods just yet. In fact, Auburn is going down at the hands of the FBI on tax evasion charges. Simply put, Auburn has yet to pay property taxes on Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa...a stadium it has owned for 10 years now! My friends, we will undoubtedly be found guilty here.

Now, to the game. It's this simple. Auburn is a team of destiny. South Carolina is being credited as resurgent for beating up on a floundering Florida team that was just demolished by Florida State, Troy, and a Clemson team that has had the wheels come off of their season at 6-6. I watched Arkansas completely destroy South Carolina in all phases of the game in Columbia. South Carolina stands no chance! Auburn wins by three TDs.

South Carolina-24


  1. Thanks a lot, Rob for making me laugh so hard coffee came out of my nose!