Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Time

Does anyone else feel like this all week?

Finally, after a long summer it begins again. The 12-13 week acid trip that is college football gets rolling Saturday.

I am so stoked, well, look at the picture.

Arkansas State will be our first opponent, and all I can say is, it will be nice to have cupcakes before a meal.

It has become a bit of a tradition during the fall to make our way over to our friend Matt's house for Auburn games.

Matt has the ultimate Man-cave. It has a bar, a huge screen TV, leather couches, and coolest of all a frickin' urinal in the bathroom. It also has windows just in case you need to see your kid fall and break her arm or something in the backyard.

Matt has by far the gold-standard mancave. I am not really sure what he does for a living but I think he put in the fire-prevention system in Saddam's palaces. He must be really good at his job because those palaces didn't burn to the ground during "shock and awe". For that and your "basement palace", I say 'Mission Accomplished' Matt. Look forward to seeing you this season.

Speaking of Shock and Awe, the Auburn offense will get rolling Saturday. Arky St lost several key players on both sides of the ball and it should be over early, and we need it to be because a Thursday night trap game awaits us in Starkville if we are not careful.

Auburn: 56

Arkansas other school: 17

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