Monday, September 6, 2010

Well I'll be Cammed

The famous man-cave urinal

Told you this thing existed. And its a good thing, because if I would have seen Cam Newton's sick 16 yard run on a full bladder, I would have wet my pants.

I keep watching replays and telling myself that this can't be real. His passing accuracy was his biggest knock coming into last night. I didn't see a whole lot of problem, you? I was also shocked with the big guy's moves. I never thought I'd describe a 6'6" guy as "shifty", but that was pretty shifty.

As for the rest of the offense, pretty much what I expected to see, except that Dyer got more carries than Mario (which was a grand total of 3!). The Speedwagon is still fast and Dyer is, man oh man.

I'm with Rob on the defensive struggles. I hate the soft secondary, but re-acclimating Savage and Ethridge may have been a concern. I also hope that Roof and Company spent very little time on Arkansas St. and more time on Miss. State. I will keep telling myself that until Thursday.

Love the new D-line and how Toro and Bates are flyin around. Special teams looked light years better to me as well.

So, let's be worried about this one. A Thursday night trap game with a team that is also on the rise. After Saturday, of the 2 Mississippis,who are you more worried about now- Ol Miss or State? Me too.

Previews on MSU in a day or two...

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