Thursday, September 30, 2010

La-Monroe Preview

I'd say we are due a layup.

After 3 straight weeks of biting our nails, pulling our hair out and apparently dropping F-bombs 897,000 times, we get a deserved break this week against La-Monroe. Yeah that La-Monroe who beat Bama back in 2007, triggering Darth Saban to compare the loss to the 9/11, the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, the Hindenburg, and the final season of 24.

So LAMO might appear threatening since they came into T-Town a couple years ago a thoroughly embarrased the Tide, but for this weekend I think we are safe. But they did hang around with Arkansas for three quarters until Mallett decided to quit playing Farmville and go throw some touchdown passes.

LAMO also hung around with SE Louisiana for 4 quarters before finally dispatching the the FCS team by 1 point last weekend.

My wishlist for the weekend:

- Rest Cam, Dyer, Speedwagon, Bynes basically every starter out by 1st series third quarter. We need to rest these guys and have them ready for a make or break 4 week stretch.

-Passing game improvement. OK, we know we can run the ball. I'd like to see the short passing game develop mixed in with a home run or two.

-New faces (and not so new). I'd love to see DeAngelo Benton get back into the mix. He hasn't played much this year. Maybe its the hand, maybe its Trooper's doghouse, but I'd love to see the guy break out like I think he can.

-Better pass defense. I know, South Carolina has great recievers and we were keying on runstopping, but aside from Mississippi St, our pass D has been suspect at best. I'd love to seem some kinks get worked out this week.

I'll say:

Auburn- 52

Also, if you're headed down to the game this weekend, try not to run over Rob's wife Dana, as she'll likely be running down 280 to the game, getting ready for her next marathon (she's actually qualified for Boston, that's hard core!). I say this only because if you accidentally hit her it will likely total your vehicle and not hurt Dana at all, because there is a strong possibility she could be a terminator. Lova ya Dana!!!

Dana training for a marathon


  1. That's pretty damn funny! Best post yet! We'll make her bar fight in Lexington to celebrate an AU victory!!!

  2. Oh, and particularly enjoyed the link to jrsuicide! Maybe he wants to meet up in Lexington?