Thursday, September 23, 2010

SC Preview: Small Step Forward or Giant Leap

Don't you just love college humor?

Saturday will be another true test for Auburn. We have had our share of true tests already this year, so why not one more? We have a great opportunity to be 5-0 going to Kentucky with a win this weekend. I think a win is a big leap forward, not just a baby step, because so far the competition has been better than the '09 season.

I have mentioned many times that my wife's family is from Carolina. There are several Gamecock fans in the family. Carolina has a loyal fan base. They sell out, even when they are awful (and historically they usually are). I would call them the Cub fans of the SEC. They always show up and are in good spirits, a bit preppy, but basically good sports about being terrible. They pretty much behave like Bama fans did under Shula (how I long for those days).

Now SC has a great opportunity to pierce that upper crust. They beat UGA at home, riding the superfrosh Lattimore to a 17-6 win. They have a sketchy QB in Stephen Garcia, who hasn't lived up to expectations so far. They play hard nosed defense and they'll hit you in the mouth.

But I cannot help but think in the back of my mind "They are still South Carolina." Before the season started I was way more worried about Cousin Clemson than USC. I still feel that way today. I may be totally wrong but Clemson had a really good quarterback and three 1st day draft guys in their defensive line. South Caroliina has a freshman running back, an underachieving quarterback, and the old ballcoach (emphasis on old). I think USC is better than previous years, but I just don't know how much better.

My wishlist for Saturday:
-Mario gets involoved: Hand it to him, throw it to him, it doesn't matter. He needs some touches for us to be great offensively.

-Creativity from Malzahn: I don't mean then double reverse pass to Cam. I just mean some motions, screen passes, slants, etc. Am I the only one who feels his playcalling has been a little stale? I would also love to see the pace increase dramatically like what we had in the 3rd quarter of Clemson game.

-Defense comes out ready to play: I will hand it to Ted Roof. When he does his homework he usually is great. His adjustments at halftime were stellar last weekend. But can we come out of the gate at least looking like we halfway know what is going on defensively?

-Let Cam be Cam: Time to take the kid gloves off and see Cam do what we think he can do. We'll need his A game if we are to win.

I think it will be tight, but I think the home crowd pulls us through again...

Auburn: 21
KFC bucket: 17


  1. I'll be there with my wife and her mom and step-dad, who are all big Carolina fans. He teaches there and even though none of them went to school there(wife went to Wofford), they've been S Car fans their whole lives. I also know quite a few S Car fans that are her friends/family.

    This will be her mom and step-dad's first game at JHS. I hope they leave very unhappy.

    Should be fun.

  2. Hey my wife went to Wofford too. Go Terriers!

  3. If you're as close on this score as you were last week...we're going to Vegas in 2 weeks...not Kentucky!