Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clemson (Bizarro world AU) Preview

Please oh please don't do this.

Very excited to be heading down 280 Saturday for the "Blue Out". I am hoping all the rumors regarding the team uniforms are bogus. I hate the gimmicky stuff like Georgia's black outs. I say we show up in our old uni's, ante up and kick end.

I am also pumped that my wife Beth will be coming to the game. She hasn't made an Auburn game since the 04 Tennessee beatdown. I have mentioned many times that my Bethy is not exactly what I would call a football fan. She usually hangs in for a few minutes watching the game at home, then ends up vacuuming or something. She'll probably be grading papers by the 3rd quarter. How I married a girl so non-pigskin is beyond me, but she is a good sport about it at least. Although I have gotten into trouble with her for brainwashing our 3 year old into think that the University of Alabama is basically an evil elephant who lives with a old skunk named Saban. That's pretty much true, right?

I also get to share the Auburn experience with our friend who is a huge Clemson fan. She went to college with Beth, and she is a huge football fan. She knows more than most guys I know. I bet she would love to talk secondary rotations with Rob or something. Can't wait to see what she thinks about Tigerwalk, the Eagle, and (hopefully) Tooomer's corner.

As for the game, I am unsure about many things. What kind of team does Clemson have? They beat a team last week called the Blue Ho's(sic?). That is a really tasteless name for a girl's Intramural team. Before that they handled the Mean Green. Don't know why they didn't schedule Syracuse and Stanford next. I agree with Rob that they should have a pretty large drop off in talent from last season. I think its pretty impossible to replace a C.J. Spiller.

They have a great player in Kyle parker, who hit .344 with twenty bombs, and signed a 1.4 million dollar contract with...wait, what the heck is this guy doing playing football? Hope you're insured Kyle if Nick Fairley plays like he did last week.

I also have questions about what Auburn offense shows up. Will we be the fast paced team that forced Tennessee to burn timeouts last year because they were so gassed or last weeks Tubervillian grind it down offense that couldn't finish drives?

I think this is one of those dangerous in between games with a suddenly tough Carolina team coming in next week. We have to be careful about Dabo* and his band of Purple Tigers. I think we pull out a another nail biter. I say....

Auburn 28
Auburn (Palmetto Version) 24

*Parents obvioulsy hated him

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