Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mississippi State Preview

If I had a say, I'd be watching this, not Auburn football.

I hate Thursday night ESPN games. Well, at least when Auburn plays in them. I remember in 2006 we got a huge scare from South Carolina when we were the 3rd ranked team in the country. And to be quite honest, I have a feeling we'll be in for a huge scare again on Thursday night.

Because for whatever reason the Mississippi folks have this game circled. It is a stepping stone in their eyes. And after absolutely taking Memphis to the woodshed coupled with our lackluster defensive performance against Arkansas St. Saturday, many are calling for the Miss. St upset. It must be contagious, because I am pretty sure the Roundtable Radio guys(all Bama homers) here in the 'Ham all are picking the Bulldogs, I am not really worried about that because those guys rarely know what they are talking about, and the quality of their Auburn analysis has gone in the can since D&B moved over to FM.*

Again I will say this: I hate Thursday night ESPN games. As for the game:

I think it will be a struggle. I have no idea how good State is but I have a pretty good idea about how bad Memphis is (try worse than UAB bad). I also think when it all pans out at the end of the year we'll say Arkansas St. will have a pretty decent offense.

Special teams plays a big role in this one. Look for Demond or QCarr to make a big play in the return game.

I also expect some of the AU freshmen to be turned loose (looking at you, Dyer, Reed).

Here's hoping for no turnovers and another Cam-tastic performance. (I am finding so many uses for the word Cam, it is really camazing).

AU pulls away late, and has a headache on Friday from the cowbells.

Auburn: 42
(Thank God for) Mississippi St: 33

*Retribution. Pate's not good enough for the FM dial, D&B? Because I can't 'Stan' to listen to your Auburn analyst these days.

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