Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Louisiana Monroe Preview

Louisiana Monroe is a 1-2 team from the Sun Belt Conference. They lost to Arkansas and Arkansas State before beating Southeastern Louisiana by one point last week. Interestingly, Arkanasas State's offense had more success than the Ryan Mallett led Razorback attack as Arkansas only led 7-0 at the half and 14-0 after three quarters against the Warhawks. Their QB is also their leading rusher...and he's a freshman. It should be ugly.

This matchup comes at a fantastic time. Three very exciting, hard-nosed, emotionally draining contests can take its toll on a football team. Hopefully this game provides some younger bodies the opportunity to showcase their talent, build depth, rest customary starters, and gain some valuable experience. Let's hope we approach this team with the right mindset and get the younger guys the playing time they expect and deserve. Without a scheduled off week until after Georgia, we have to take advantage of teams like Louisiana Monroe and Chattanooga and use them as a pseudo-off week. The only way that's possible is for the starters to play with intensity and show up on gameday. Let a team like this hang around for any length of time and they begin believing they may make SportsCenter...then all bets are off. I think this team has too much character to let it get to that point.

I am excited to be taking my entire family to this game. This will be our first game this season, the first game my twin boys have ever attended, and we're excited as can be. Special thanks to Ben Leard*, Bo and Laura Megginson of Mobile, and my brother for providing tickets to our family. When the Pate army shows up, Jordan-Hare should be filled to capacity. Will post pictures as the Post Game Review!

LA Monroe-13

*QBs always have tickets...must be nice!!!


  1. This game is like a exhibition. Jackson state could beat LA Monroe. Many players who usually sit on the sidelines will be playing in this game, so that is good.

  2. Here's to seeing guys play that we haven't seen since the spring game (I hope).