Monday, September 20, 2010

Clemson Review (Channel Your Inner Balboa)

We hear the term a lot in football "get out early and punch em in the mouth." Saturday night in Jordan-Hare, we got punched in the mouth, the gut, the ribs, etc. We got knocked down. A standing 8 was issued. We were groggy and cut.

Then came the bell for round number 2.

Auburn got up off the mat, and came out swinging in the 3rd quarter. The comeback was a sight to see. It was the most exciting quarter of football I've ever seen in Jordan-Hare. Auburn's fans in unison screamed "Get up!" and Auburn responded.

I don't get down to as many games in person as I used to. I sometimes forget what an inspiring crowd the Auburn faithful can be. They never quit, even with the dismal first half stats sitting right there for the world to see. They never stopped believing. The home schedule is one of the reasons I have such confidence in this team this season.

That being said we still have our problems. Our o-line flat out sucked in the first half. They were dominated by Clemson. Cam looked average on his throws and made some poor decisions.

Defensively we got pushed around the entire first half. Those guys were on the field a whole lot, but as Rob mentioned, you gotta show some urgency, especially on third down.

Our running game was so-so. Dyer had moments and Speedwagon looked good getting to the corner, but running the ball has to get better and at this point it falls on the offensive line to improve.

I gotta say hats off to Clemson. They were tough, hard nosed, and impressive. They will make some noise in the ACC.

The atmosphere outside the stadium was electric. It was almost like a Georgia or Alabama game. I don't know what it was but the fans seemed ready for the game, even if the team didn't.

Next week we go for the Palmetto sweep. The Gamecocks will be ready. I think at this point they have to be the SEC East favorites. We better be ready to play...

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