Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Texas A&M Reax: Wallace! Wallace! Wallace!

The only upside to the total, epic beat down handed to Auburn Saturday night was the introduction of Jonathan Wallace. The kid who was an afterthought in the recruiting process and backed in to a spot on the Auburn team last February.

I don't know why Jonathan wasn't more highly recruited. I don't follow recruiting that closely. If you ask a guru like Justin Hokanson, he might tell you that Wallace is too small, or he lacks arm strength.

But based on what I have seen so far out of Wallace, and granted that is not much, he is our guy for now. The team lights up when he is in the game. That much is evident.

When Auburn signed Wallace, a very good friend of mine who is ver involved with the Central-Phenix City football team told me we found a diamond in the rough, and that he thought Wallace would eventually beat out both Frazier and Moseley for the starting job. My initial thought was my good friend Griff started sniffing glue again. But he was right. Wallace is a special young man. He has leader written all over him. The offense seemed to raise it up a notch when he was in the game against A&M.

Dr. Griff's quote to me today was "I am telling you Zack, he is a special kid. No real way to describe it. He will make a tremendous impact on that program if given a fair opportunity."

Whether Wallace pans out or not remains to be seen. But for now, I choose to look at Jonathan Wallace as a chance for a bright future at QB. Here's hoping this diamond in the rough, this recruiting afterthought gets Auburn back to prominence sooner other than later.

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  1. Wallace has certainly been one of the few bright spots this season. I would include as other bright spots: Mason, Uzamuh, McKinzy. They're young and make some mistakes but they all seem to have a "go get em" attitude.

    War Eagle!!!