Friday, October 12, 2012

Dr. Z's Ole Miss Forecast

Wonder if Sandra Bullock is still running the program?

Let's review the state of Auburn football this week-

Sunday-Lutzy and T-Bell come out and rip certain players for lack of effort.

Tuesday-Freshman WR Sammie Coates rips upperclassmen for lack of leadership. Gene Chizik describes this as "one person's opinion".

Wednesday-Chizik's wife Jonna rallies Gene's fanbase on Facebook. (Coincidentally Jonna, if you poke me again I will write things on your wall that will make your computer cry.)

Friday-No starter named for the game Saturday at QB, because indecision with our offense has worked so well this year.

So my forecast for tomorrow is gloomy with a chance of four letter words uttered by me around lunch time tomorrow.

As for our opponent, you have to be pretty impressed with Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze. He inherited a flat out mess, and has made the best of it with a pretty decent offense and a scrappy defense.

You might remember Hugh Freeze's character from the famous movie The Blind Side as the guy who didn't know how to coach Michael Oher, and Sandra Bullock took over, turning Oher into a pancake machine.

Freeze rode Oher all the way to Oxford and never looked back. Thank God for women like Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side.

From a talent standpoint, Auburn is way better than Ole Miss on paper. Oh if games were palyed on poaer these days. The difference in this game is confidence. Ole Miss is playing with it. Auburn is not. Ole Miss is hungry to get of the schnide and end their 16 game SEC losing streak. Auburn is busy with a streak of their own, and it's not the good kind.

Our best hope is to run the ball and hope we can out muscle the smallish Ole Miss front seven. If Ole Miss jumps out 14-0, you might as well do what I plan on doing if that happens, and play the 2010 BCS game in your DVR.

Defensively, Ole Miss poses a challenge, because Ole Miss will spread you out and zone read you to death. Bo Wallace was a great pickup for the Rebels. He has the engine in Oxford humming.

I'd love to say we circle the wagons and turn things around this week, but I just can't. I was made a believer in 2009, and my faith was reinforced in 2010. Those may be my two favorite teams in AU history. Since then, my faith in Auburn football under Gene Chizik may be irreparably damaged. I cannot see a victory tomorrow, not with this group. They lack confidence and swagger, and the coaching chops to get it done.

Auburn- 13
Ole Miss-24

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  1. They said we were committed to the run for this game. But they named Moseley the starter.