Monday, October 22, 2012

Dr. Z's Vandy Reax: Whipped by Nerds

The speech I would have given after the game.

Saturday we saw a team with much less talent come out and take it to an Auburn team with 4 and 5 star players. That speaks volumes.

We are looking at the worst Auburn football team in modern history folks, including the Barfield era.

Gene Chizik, only one and one half years after guiding Auburn to a national title, has guided this proud program off a cliff. What I saw on Saturday was a team with no confidence, no will to fight, no rudder.

We saw silly mistakes in the special teams again destroy field position.

We saw a defense that lapsed and the beginning of both halves, giving up touchdowns that made the difference in the game.

We saw an offense so misdirected that it made us laugh, to keep from crying.

It gets harder every week to write about this disaster. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Over and over, it's the same damn day.


  1. Loeffler is impervious to the obvious. He makes no connection between the play he called and the results of that play. He has a set of plays he has brought with him and he is going to run those plays regardless of the personnel on hand or the results of those plays.

    He is either unwilling or unable to draw up plays to maximize success for the guys we have on this team. The proof of this is simply how often Prosch is on the field.

    The Omac jet sweep on 3rd and two in the fourth quarter sealed his fate as an incompetent OC.

  2. I'm glad you mentioned Barfield. I remember those years and this year is definitely worse.

    I heard this is our worst start since 1952 and the worst start ever for a team two years removed from a national championship.

    Loeffler needs to be sent packing immediately with the rest of the coaching staff (with the possible exception of VanGorder) sent off the day after the Alabama game.

    The powers that be need to replace Jay Jacobs immediately with someone who is capable of getting someone in here who can get it done on AND off the field.

    War Eagle!!!

  3. I should have added that if Loeffler and Chizik remain at Auburn after this season, Auburn fans will owe Barfield an apology.

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