Monday, October 15, 2012

Dr. Z's Ole Miss Review- A Sinking Ship

Not much to say as far as I am concerned about what we saw Saturday. Except to say I think Gene Chizik is a dead man walking.

I've seen my share of not so good Auburn teams. There were the early nineties at the end of Pat Dye's tenure, the 98 squad we've mentioned, Tuberville's 2008 debacle, but none, and I mean none match this 2012 catastrophe. How a team with so much talent can be so rudderless is beyond me.

Our only choice now is to clean house. Jay Jacobs must be the first to go. He brought in Chizik, and his other hires as an A.D. have been just as bad. We haven't even sniffed mediocrity in basketball, and the baseball program continues to underachieve.

Jacobs is the brains behind this mess. His head needs to roll first.

As much respect as I have for Pat Dye, he needs to be excommunicated from the program as well. I have no clue whom he thinks he is helping by going on radio shows trumpeting the bonafides of Gene Chizik. Talk about fiddling as Rome burns. Dye should have no comment from this point further and forever more. Does he not know that his reputation is tarnished every time he opens his mouth in regard to the current state of Auburn football? Coach Dye, do us all a favor and stop it. Let us remember you for what you did for our program in the 80's, not what you say about our program present day.

I will continue to support this team. I will continue to love and respect my Alma mater, but I see no way forward with Gene Chizik and the current coaching staff at Auburn University.


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  2. Respectfully, I have to ask just when do you think CGC lost the ability to coach? When did Pat Dye lose his relevancy to the Auburn program? I don't think it's such a bad idea to have an out-spoken, well respected elder trying his hardest to calm the storm of knee-jerk, gotta have satisfaction now, fans. I love Auburn, and I have no doubt that you do as well, but face it-we are having a horrible year and we will have horrible year's in the future. We have had and will also have great seasons in the future. Stability is what makes things work and evens out the ups and downs. Changing coaches like underwear hasn't worked and never will. We have a good program coach that has shown the ability to recruit, coach a game, discipline players, make tough decisions and STAND by them! I wouldn't hesitate in sending my son to be in CGC's care for his football career. Now let's all just man up, take our lumps, realize that coaches (just like the rest of us) don't suceed at everything they try but the good ones will hold onto the wheel until they get out of the ditch. Have faith and War Eagle!

  3. Let me again state that I love Coach Dye. And I love his insight, but to go on a show like Finebaum and make his points makes him look like a bafoon, especially in the moments before and after, when the callers get to express an opinion of him. I would agree with you if I thought that this season was the exception, not the rule. I have asked myself this question several times-Do I think things will improve in 2013? My answer is always no.

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