Friday, October 26, 2012

A&M Preview-Hullabaloo Caneck,Caneck

I have to admit, I have always been a fan of the the Texas Aggies, so when I heard they were coming to the SEC, I was excited.

A&M is a great place, if you have never been there. It is a lot like Auburn, just bigger with less trees. They also have a group of guys called the Corps. They walk around campus in their uniforms and kind of look like Niedermeyer fro Animal House.

Texas Governor and former presidential primary punch line Rick Perry is former Corps. The other students on campus call them the "Corps Turds"**

A&M has a rich history a great traditions, none better than going to visit prostitutes after beating Texas.

Check out thos dance moves! Johnny Manziel is going to be really hard to tackle if he can pirouette like those guys. For the record, I would question any man that can dance like that actually wanting to visit a whorehouse, but I digress.

There are three things Auburn needs to do to win this game.

1. Contain Manziel- He's a dual threat, so he will be tough to defend. The Aggies will also give the ball away, so creating a turnover or two will be critical.

2. Run the them-Auburn has really never tried the power running route and stayed with it. I've said this till I'm blue in the face. I don't really see it happening. I have no faith in Scott Loeffler. I've said that till I'm blue in the face as well.

3. I can't remember the third thing.

Auburn 13
Aggies 27

**I thank my Texan college buddies Paul and Derek for educating me on Aggie rituals.

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