Friday, October 19, 2012

Dr. Z's Vandy Forecast: Revenge on the Nerds

So can we look at this as a revenge game?

If we think back to 2008, the Vanderbilt game solidified all the worries that we Auburn fans had about the Franklin experiment. Auburn lost to a middling Vandy team 14-13, scoring no points in the second half, dooming the rest of the season. Franklin was out the door a few days later. Tubs followed along with the rest of the staff in a couple months.

So let's hope against hope that we can get the ship righted against Vanderbilt, the nerds of the SEC.

If your're headed up to the game, enjoy the great city of Nashville, though its reputation is being muddied by the god awful ABC television show my wife made me watch the other night. It stars the wife from Friday Night Lights (movie and TV show) and one of the stand-up comics from Who's line is it anyway. It pretty much sucked. I'm talking Auburn vs Arkansas 2012 sucked, so hopefully my wife will forget it's on next week.

Anyway, as for the game, Auburn needs to forget the first 6 games. It's a 6 game season now. Go 5-1, we get to go bowling. Is that possible? Not very. But for the moment, let's be optimistic. After last week's scathing preview and review by horrible doomsday Auburn bloggers like me, let's pump some sunshine.

I believe this week we run the ball consistently. I believe the defense plays with a chip on its shoulder after getting gashed in the run game last week. I believe Coach Chizik threatened to beat Scott Loeffler with a folding chair if he runs a speed sweep into the boundary again.

I said last week, if things continue in this awful direction that Gene Chizik needs to be shown the door. I'm not saying that I want that to happen.

Auburn exorcises some demons this week.

Auburn 24


  1. I would agree with you IF we ran the ball more than we passed. But Loeffler is determined to do it his way.

  2. I believe Van Gorder takes the chair from Chizik and inserts it into an unkind place on Loeffler if he calls that stupid short side speed sweep or passes too much. At least I hope he does!