Monday, November 2, 2009

Ole Miss Reax: A Kick Save, and a Beauty...

Eltoro is Spanish for...."The Toro".

Walt McFadden took the kick save from the Ole Miss receiver and took it to the house.

Auburn made a kick save on their season by throttling Houston Nutt and his underachieving rebels. We led 31-7 at one point in this game, albeit a short point. Never in a million years would I have anticipated such a bounce back from the last three weeks. I, and many of my blogging cohorts, had left Auburn for dead. Two road stinkers sandwiching a home debacle had us all talking about the importance of the Furman game. I joked about the PapaJohns bowl last week. Well, it depends on my mood, but I like Outback better than Papa John's anyway.

Some random musings:

-Jevan Snead...Does anyone have to ask why he transferred from Texas? He threw two picks Saturday, and he's lucky he didn't throw five. He was rattled from the get-go, and we see him calling out his teammates on the sideline? Congrats Jevan, you are the Mississippi version of Freddy Kitchens. Enjoy the remainder of your career not in the NFL. I'd take Chris Todd and his dead arm over you anyday.

-Speaking of Todd...RESPECT to you my friend. Way to hang in there when all of the numbskulls who have no idea what we are talking about (talking me here). I still think there is less zip than early on, but he's making adjustments and getting it done.

-The Running of the Bull...Eltoro. Gotta love this guy coming back after his Tennessee meltdown, missing the Arky trip, etc. He has energized the defense. The weakside is not so weak anymore. And how about all of a sudden we can pressure and tackle? If we keep this energy up, we are a pretty OK defense. (If we don't, we are a pretty bad defense, but for today that doesn't matter)

-Love SuperMario getting some touches. We are so much better we he can get the ball in space and make plays. Also, the Speedwagon gets to convalesce for two weeks. Love to see Ontario get another week off vs. Furman. I am sure UGA can't wait to see a 100% Ontario hit that corner.

-Tate is having the year that will make him one of the best (and likely most unsung) in AU history. Props to you, Big Ben.

-Mr 5-19 guy in the back of my mind got a good bit quieter Saturday. And I agree with Jerry at Warblog, Gene has done more in 09 with less than Tubbs did in 08. The kids seem to love to play for him. We are recruiting well. Those wins against Tennessee and State look pretty good now. And he is just steady. He keeps such an even keel. And he's not insane like Houston Nutt.

-Did I mention Houston Nutt is insane. He is also bound to fail at Ole Miss once Coach Footbauw's talent is gone at Ole Miss.

-Zac Etheridge, Godspeed my friend. I hope you get back on the field one day. If not, I am just glad you will be ok.

All right, a layup is next. It is a rival game at my house. My wife was a Wofford soccer player and she hates her some Palladins. (Not really, but I am trying to manufacture some personal fire about Furman).

WAR Eagle everybody!

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