Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dr. Z's Georgia Preview


So Rob says last Saturday "Want to go to Athens?"

He didn't have to ask twice. The ultimate road trip awaits. OK, so maybe it won't be the ultimate college road trip, given that college waved bye-bye to Rob and myself years ago.

My most fun college road game ever was the 1995 Auburn-UGA game. We made the drive from South Alabama to Athens via Bainbridge Georgia where a teammate of mine had to pick up his parents'season tickets. Up through Georgia, we drank beer the whole way (OK really bad thing to do but I was in college after all, and not driving). One guy in our crew had these cute Clemson girls come down to meet us. I say they were cute, though one of them looked just like Greg Maddux. Seriously, she had Greg Maddux's face on a cute girl body. Weird right? So three college pitchers drink too much beer and ask this girl all night how she gets so much movement on her change-up. She was not amused.

It was my first trip to Athens and I thought the campus was really cool. I thought the UGA fans were also pretty civil. I tend to find that fans are way more hospitable when their teams are mediocre (the Dogs were 6-6 that year). We sat right behind the Bulldog statue in the end zone (anatomically correct statue as I recall). Auburn and Steven Davis ran wild, but UGA made it close at the end. Hines Ward impressed as a receiver who played QB. Fun day and a fun weekend altogether.

In 1997 I made a return trip to Athens. This time just me and my girlfriend drove over from Auburn. We had a good time because she liked to drink up on road games, but not to the point where she needed a sitter. Goergia was pretty good that year, and we came into the game as underdogs. I recall telling some obnoxious UGA fans on the walk into the stadium that I enjoyed them a whole lot better when they went 5-6 every year.

Auburn went absolutely nuts that night and rolled behind Dameyune Craig and a rejuvenated running game. The Georgia fans were gone midway through the 3rd quarter. Humble Auburn blogger Rob Pate was a Freshman free safety back then. He and his teammates were a sight to see that night.

As for this year's game, it should be a good one. Two evenly matched teams and two programs who look like they are headed in opposite directions square off.

It all comes down to the running game. If Tate and Fannin/Speedwagon get rolling, we win. I think the question is: Does UGA sell out to stop the run given that lousy pass defense? Ask any Georgia fan and they will tell you they have no confidence in Willy Martinez. With Guz in town Saturday, the poor guy's head might just explode.

I think Georgia offense will score some points. A.J. Green is the best receiver we will see this year. But with the turnover problems that UGA has, and our defense being the ballhawks they have been all year,I think Cox the Ginger Ninja gives a a pick or two. The one in the 4th quarter is the difference. That and the fact that Rob and I are undefeated in games in Sanford Stadium...

Auburn 38
Gimmicky Uniforms U 31

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